Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Monsters Make The Campaign - 'A Groats-worth of Grotesques' by G. Edward Patterson III From The Skull as a Complete Gentleman Co OSR Commentary

 For the last couple of months ever since I reviewed A Groats-worth of Grotesques, what the Hell does one do with an alternative OSR Monster Manual?! The thing is that one doesn't feel that one's doing the A Groats-worth of Grotesques by G. Edward Patterson III any justice at my table top. 

 A Groats-worth of Grotesques has the feel of a real midevil beastry gathered from mages, wizards, naturalists, & other professional classes. The monsters, beasts, & creatures might be perfect for adding from another worldly fantasy plane. And this this plane might be for our game campaign Game Science's Thieves Guild.

The monsters & creatures speak volumes & would work very well for the Games Lord  Thieves Guild setting game campaign. The low magick but high fantasy approach of A Groats-worth of Grotesques works for Thieves Guild & segways well into the implied threat of the wilderness of the campain setting. These creatures within the A Groats-worth of Grotesques are deadly & highly dangerous in their own way. Monsters define the campaign & for a fantasy world this can be life or death of a campaign. 
The A Groats-worth of Grotesques book will work very well for the Lamentations of The Flame Princess rpg or as a perfect addition to B/X Dungeons & Dragons games. 

The monsters in A Groats-worth of Grotesques would not be out of place within the Arduin campaign setting. Take for example the Brass Horsemen; "Brass Horsemen are non-living things, wondrous mechanical soldiers fabricated in acursed city,the secrets of their manufacture long lost. They move  like dazzling lightning but are animated by mechanical action alone, employing nomagic. They have never been known to ride a horse, despite their name. They perceive creatures and object susing amechanism not unlike the camera obscura, and thus cannot function in the dark. The language they speak amongthemselves is made up of flickering mirrors, and as a result cannot communicate in darkness either. They are very sensitive to vibrations and can detect heavily armored people walking about, but cannot hear in a traditional sense. They can approach their victim with a bull's speed and impale them, or will attempt to approach slowly and quietly,grappling their opponents like a bear with spiked arms". They ooze style & menace begging to be included in a campaign or adventure. These monsters in A Groats-worth of Grotesques are weird, otherworldly, and strange. Used correctly these monsters will be talked about for years to come. 
This is why they would be unexpected in a campaign setting like Thieves Guild, the players think they know the setting & wham here comes an outre' monsters to strangle or slay your PC's. The fact is A Groats-worth of Grotesques totally out of the box & the player's comfort but be sure not to over due these monsters or the players will soon lose these horror's charm. 

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