Wednesday, December 22, 2021

OSR Hostile Rpg Commentary - Exploring In The Gardens of the Dead

 While some of the stuff for the Hyperborea rpg is shelfed for a day or so with the holiday we've been discussing among ourselves the revamped Hostile rpg and the New England Boi's campaign. And the fact is that any issues with Xeno life forms is going to be super rare. And this goes hand in hand with the explaination of the Fermi paradox in our own universe. 

If we look at the Fermi paradox & the fact that in the billions of light years from our own corner of the Milky Way then we may be sitting right in sector after sector of an intergalatic  alien grave yard. And it brings up a point that a friend of mine brought up to me tonight, 'The aliens may not be picking up the phone because their dead. And the phone's been off the hook for eons'. 
If we're looking into Hostile's Explorers title then we could well have a party of explorers who run into more then a few planets were the aliens have seemingly abandoned the planet or planetary system. But there could incredible technologies left behind by these civilations. And there in is both the value & the danger. 

Why do I say danger?! Because of the fact that tonight's sinster conversation among the players & dungeon masters the fact is that the Xeno's of Hostile are fairly unknown. The could be theoritcally anything or anyone. The guidelines within Explorers say that the sky is literally the limit. World after world could be generated and no two would be alike. And there could be this fact that in Hostile the universe is generated by random charts and the fact that the universe is always trying to kill you. Add into the fact the universe wants your party & you dead.

Exoplanets are no different, they may also harbor far more A.I. relics then previously thought. The aliens that we've been harboring for may actually have been wiped out by left over A.I.  god things & thier relics. This leaves far more on the table then previously thought. Would we as PC's even remotely recognize an alien battle field and its left over alien weaponry or their  effects. There may be fare more going on a wastland style planet then we were previously expecting. What the Hell I'm I talking about here?! The fact that some of the xeno life forms in the Hostile setting book may well be bio weapons but would we even recognize those??! And would we even known an alien dungeon if our PC's blundered into it. 
There maybe aliens that don't consume food,or that we don't recognize a weapon pointed right at a  human's head. The point is that these creatures are alien for a reason & may not conform to our human standards at all. And this is one those obvious statenents that conforms to so many aspects of the the Fermi paradox. The fact that having human perspections might hinder our search for extraterristrials. But our group tonight thought that Hostile's Explorers is a key book for this style of a campaign. 

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