Saturday, December 11, 2021

Nest of Vipers - The free adventure 'The Menace of the Serpent God' by Jason Vey & TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City by Bill Barsh

More than 50 years ago a band of daring adventurers found and explored the mythical Forbidden City.
The group defeated many dangers within the ancient ruin including an evil and powerful race of snake-men.
For several years thereafter, other expeditions ventured into the dark jungle to unlock hidden mysteries and treasures with the new-found city. But little more was found and the snake-men had vanished.
Now, something is again stirring within the Forbidden City. An unseen menace has called hundreds of lone adventur-ers to the rift city and none have returned. It is one of those “called” that your party pursues.
And the path has led inexorably to the Forbidden City."

Why would the Starship Warden be valuable to a community of highly advanced technological & occult serperntmen?! There's several reasons for this as we will see. And tonight I was reading through Pacesetter games TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City by Bill Barsh. Imagine if you will that the module & campaign set up of Fang of the Serpent Men - I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by  David Cook And Amazing Adventures Campaign. Comes off without a hitch but the PC's are called back to the South American tropical lost world of I1 by David Cook has been explored. But something rather nasty has reared its head within the lost ruins. And the PC's are called in. Possibly a cell of the Black Dragon Society has decided to exploit some of the ruins as per events within 'The Menace of the Serpent God' by Jason Vey

The old haunts of New Orleans stir again & there is evidence that the serpent men are building a time & space gateway. But to where!? That's easy enough to identify! Their building a gateway into the interior or heart of the Starship Warden?! But why? This is easy enough to indentify & that's because the serpent men are masters of gene splicing & engineering. The starship Warden offers unlimited opportunity to access the gene banks of the Earth's future & a huge variety of mutant animals & humanoid species. Not to mention the numerous mutant plants also aboard the Warden. 
This means that the Starship Warden could figure highly in the diabolical plans of the serpent men to make a return to rule the future of Earth. And there's further evidence of the once great serpentmen of taking full advantage of the having acess to the time & space continuum allowing them greater access to the past,present, & future of Earth! 
But why stop there could the plan actually be to hook up once again with the serpentmen's ancient ancestors living on the world of Greyhawk? All this looping around to the Final Destination of the Warden?! 

All of this loops back around to the ruins within TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City by Bill Barsh! This all builds as the dark  influence within TM4 comes crashing into the PC's laps & begins its own agenda for the character on its own terms! 

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