Thursday, December 9, 2021

Final Destination of the Warden - The World of Greyhawk As Old School Campaign

 S3 'Expediation to The Barrier Peaks' by Gary Gygax is one of the most lethal adventures I've run in the past. This module presents a very interesting idea not only are the surroundings of the campaign world being infected with invasive species but Greyhawk has it's monster population boosted. But could player's PC's make it aboard the starship Warden from the Warden Science vessel?! Bare in mind that we're using the Castles & Crusades system to play both of these adventure and the Starship Warden campaign. 

Let's say that the player's PC's overcome the lethal encounters aboard the Warden science vessel & that they make it to the transporters aboard. Some science or engineering officier has hard wired the transporter circuits to an unknown destination. The party wants to take a one way trip & ends up onboard the generation ship the starship Warden. 

What happens to the science officer or engineering officer who rigged the transporter?! Has he made it aboard the Warden & in some remote corner set up a hidey hole or an engineering point to try & see about correcting some of the numerous problems aboard the legendary vessel?! 

Is he or she still aboard the Warden lost among the numerous mutants, madmen, and mayhem?! Or has the starship claimed him or her as it has so many other victims?! The Warden has so many twists & turns that its possible that this person might be alive in cryo sleep someplace either on a level or within the structure of the star ship. 

Are the party actually following a dead man?! A cold trail of bread crumbs that comes into the thick of the mutant wilderness?! Or could there be a deeper connection to the fantasy worlds of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition especially the world of Greyhawk?!  I believe the answer is yes. And here's the reason why. What if the Warden slips forward in time thousands of years to a future Oerth after the golden age of Greyhawk is long over. 

Greyhawk Grognard posted an entire video on this supposed golden age of Greyhawk. The Warden leaves Earth & everything goes to Hell. They encounter the radiation cloud & things get very dangerous as they are hurled millions of years into the future completly unaware of how much time has passed! The Warden Science vessel returns to what they think is Earth on autopilot unaware of the fate of their high technological world kicking off the events of  S3 'Expediation to The Barrier Peaks' by Gary Gygax. 

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