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1d20 Random Table Of The Contents The Mystery Betamax Tapes of Neon Traxx For The Neon Warlords of the Toxic Wastelands Rpg

 Since the brutal Purple Spandex Wars of Neon Traxx, there are urban legends of a mysterious BetaMax tape that has been floating around the wastelands for years. And everyone has a different story about what this tape contains.And with each telling of the story the legend grows surrounding this tape. 

The Betamax tape itself gives off a strange aura of magick & mystery about it. A any magician that tries to read the tape's aura will have their perceptions slide off it and its deep magnetic tape seems to absorb the light in a way that is too weird. The tape needs a rare Betamax recorder & player to play upon. Only the foolhardy would play the tape. There are so many urban legends & rumors surrounding the tape these days. But what does it have as its contents. 

1d20 Random Table Of The Contents The mystery Betamax tape of Neon Traxx

  1. The tape contains the true formula for Neon Cola and it contains real plutonium as one of its ingrediants. 1d6 mutations if the formula is followed on the victim. 
  2. The internal workings of the tape are actually a demonic gateway to the demon world when the tape is played after 1d6 minutes a stable gateway opens & the PC's will be attacked by a demonic tentacle. 
  3. There are eldritch markings & runes on the tape enabling a major demon soul slaver to view the PC's within their homes or dwellings. The demon can visit the PC in their dreams & eventually after 1d20 days steal their souls. 
  4. Actually the tape is a spell battery holding 1d8 spells for a wizard or the like. 
  5. The tape is full of porn of the royals of Neo Traxx & perfect for blackmail material. 
  6. The tape 1d8 hours  is of a waste land wizard pondering his orb but actually the tape records the contents of said orb. 
  7. Strange graffti maligns the tape and indicates a bunch of seemingly random computer graphic code steaking across the screen. The tape is in point of fact a occult magic technological series of codes for Neo Traxx's WMD's. 
  8. The tape belongs to the Vidiots a cybernetic wasteland series of A.I. monsters trying to break reality. Anyone touching the tape must save vs poison or begin to liquify into an animated character of themselves. The things can be fed on by the vidiots.. 
  9. Strange teeth marks the plastic casing of the tape indicating that this tape is actually a time space gateway to the Hounds of Tindalos's home dimension. 
  10. This isn't a tape but a time space paradox in the form of a tape that can wind 1d20 hours backwards or send the user 1d20 hours into the future when its used in standard Betamax player/recorder. 
  11. The Betamax tape is wound backwards so that anyone playing the tape is cursed with a strange magick causing them to speak backwards for 1d20 days until the effect wears off. 
  12. Anyone playing this tape which contains the cooking recipes of the Hell lords becomes delicious smelling to any monsters within a 2 mile radius around the party. Monsters will seek to eat the PC's who watch this tape. 
  13. The tape contains a wrestling match between Lord Randy & one of the other gods. The PC's are instantly transpored to the gods pay for view venue & temple where one of the gods will challenge them. 
  14. A wasteland wildernesss documentary is on the tape showing & explainng the wasteland creatures & monsters of Neo Traxx. The PC's gain a temporary +3 on all wasteland checks for monsters! 
  15. This is a same version of the above tape but the tape is cursed & it will hurl the PC's deep into the wasteland wilderness of Neo Traxx. 
  16. The gods of Betamax hold this tape in high regard because it is capable of wiping or cleaning 1d30 hours of reality when played. The PC's are instantly holding the tape with no idea of how they got it. The thing is brand new and says Betamax Reality Cleaning tape in Ancient. 
  17. This plastic tape seeths with Neon dragon magic power & gives the player's PC a +3 when dealing with any Neon dragon ladies or lords. It can give the PC a breath attack that does 1d6 damage once per day for a twenty foot length. 
  18. The Glow Tape - This is a work out tape of the gods and any monk that has this tape can gain a level in their class. 
  19. The tape of blood & violence  or the faces of obvilion - This tape has within it the stored essencess of 1d200 damned souls. The tape will teach necromancy to any wizard turning them evil & consigning the 1d200 souls to them. They can raise 1d4 zombies under their control once a day. 
  20. This tape takes the user deep into the quantum realms when played any hacker can use it to access higher mathmatical realms allowing them to go up one level. 

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