Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Mohr & Less - The Adventures At Joseph Mohr's 'Frontier Trading Post - Session Report #3

Monday night I got a chance to play in DM Steve's Cepheus Engine rpg campagin & it was an interesting experience to get out from behind the screen!  Joseph Mohr's 'Frontier Trading Post' a 'pay what you want' adventure location has gotten a work out a couple of times in our games. But over the Monday night game session it got another work out again. At the edge of our local sector this trading post serve as the illegal weapons & cargo choke point for pirates & spacers. We've used the trading post to begin the second half of our game campaign. 

Our guys were back at the Frontier Trading post looking for illegal A.I. mecha parts for the 40 ‘Rantula’ that one of our PC's has. The trading post led to our party of spacers meeting a dealer in highly questionable robotic parts & cyberdeck programs from the colony world of New America (actually its Earth straight outta of Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America repurposed as a colony world). 

Anyhow we were able to come to terms for a job for the parts & then cut a deal for a new decker PC whose contract was sold to our party. We ended our session here but we'll be tackling a mining job coming up for a certain rare crystal is needed for fuel for a proto type space vessel.. 

Our DM Steve's Stars Without Numbers rpg campaign has been going for a few months now. If your on the fence about getting in on the ground floor of SWN then the Stars Without Numner Humble bundle is the way to go! Once again I was playing a PC 
Now we used the same 'Frontier Trading Post' for our Stars Without Numbers game as an adventure location. And in point of fact our two parties were there at the same time! We were there to buy illegal alien tech ripped straight from SWN Dead Names supplement. However we side tracked into an illegal fighting wring when one of our guys started winning bets. And then the rest of the party got involved with the betting and then other members of the party got into the wring. We'll pick up the SWN  next week. The point here is that the Frontier Trading post is a solid supplement. 

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