Monday, March 14, 2022

Session Report 12- 'Shoot out On Inverfurnous IV '- Cepheus Engine/Stars Without Number Revised

 Last night on the cyberpunk world of Inverfurnous IV the player's PC's ran into far more then they were expecting. This session report is going to pick with adventure elements from this blog entry here. 

During last night's our Cepheus Engine/Stars Without Number Revised  hybrid campaign the player's PC's got into an extended fire fight with an unknown group of mercenary space pirartes in last night's game after being on the cyberpunk world of Inverfurnous IV. The whole sector is steeped deeply  in the mythology of the A.I. gods from before the collapse of the Conduit.  The pirates were hauling a cryo pod in the local space port with someone or something on board from an illegal gene jockey's lair. The PC's took heavy fire from several of the pirates having been discovered. Two of the player's PC were killed in a hail of gunfire. 

And it became aparent that the pirates were led by some type of what appeared to be an undead. It wasn't instead was one of the pawns of the alien Slavers.  An
d I used the stats from both From The Sorcerers Skull blog and later  from the Sword of Cepheus. 

The players are trying to figure out what happened to Logan Murphy. This whole thing would or will lead into the capture of   Logan Murphy was a ruthless dictator on the world of Casudxe in Old School Role playing's Justice Denied.

Is there deals going down between the A.I. gods and the slavers?! The Slavers have been supplying the brothel planet network with spy/assassin/sex clones. These taliored  clones have qualities that were take  directly from Clement sector's Tree of Life book. 

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