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Commentary On Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts From Independence Games For the Earth Sector rpg, The Cepheus Engine Rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg's

 "Durga Subsector, Subsector C of Earth Sector is a part of the civilized core worlds of the sector.  Named for the Hindu goddess of war, strength, and protection, the subsector is held by three powerful nations:  China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia."

"Durga includes the garden world of New Windsor, the icy world of Pingdan, the agricultural world of Långt, and the bleak world of Niflheim.   It is also home to an independent world, Arthur's World, ruled by a benevolent yet eccentric monarch.

Filled with system maps, world maps, and physical data for each world, this book is a treasure trove of information for Referees who want to take their Earth Sector adventures further afield or for those who simply want a variety of worlds for their uses. Government, legal, cultural, and population details will assist the Referee in painting a picture of each world for their players.

Experience the adventure!"

Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts is one of the books that reveals the fate of one of Earth's nearby sectors after the collapses of the worm hole. This reveals the interstellar colony  interests of China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia. And the diverse worlds of the sector within it. This isn't a normal earth sector instead its a linked series of worlds each with their own agendas, identities, and places within the sector. These colonies almost could certainly represent the terrorities of the 1860's Old West. Highly independant places but almost entirely dependant upon on one another in ways that are both subtle & dangerous. 
The infrastructure of 
Subsector Sourcebook: Durga is one of the edge of the frontier where things are not  quite as settled as the Earth sector would like to have its citizens believe. There's just enough room for adventurers & spacers to make a living.Yet there's this feeling of the end of an era coming to the  Durga subsector. 

Eath sector is another sector with its own identity tied to the countries of Earth but its the corporations & banks who are pulling the strings & the push into the deeper frontier. The fact is that the frontier isn't above pushing back against the sectors as the various bastions of civilization are only mere nods to the blackness of interstellar space. There is far more in the darkness between the stars then meets the eye in the Earth sector books. Even more so then the Clement Sector rpg the Earth sector is a place of both desparation & danger. Durga represents the newest & best hope for the continuing reach of the human race from the Earth sector. A fact that isn't lost on the author John Watts. Here the writing is tight, & deep. Durga is a place that can offer opportunity and in certain sections of the sector swallow a human party of adventurers whole. 

Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts From Independence Games For the Earth Sector rpg Is Available Here. 

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