Thursday, March 17, 2022

Session Report # 3 Hyperborea rpg - Spidergods & Velderag At Brigiand's Bay

 My players in our Hyperborean rpg campaign have recently expressed an interest in a random encounter that has become something far more infamous. I've started them off in a Hyperborean version of B2 The Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax. You can read about my experiences back in 2015-16 with B2 here. 

Spring is just starting to appear on the lip of Hyperborea and Winter's grip is loosing. And its about this time when the PC's heard rumors of the mysterious black galleons that appear in the ports. All of this came about because of my own reading through GREGORIUS 21778's blog on his version of the black galleons from H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath. The PC's don't know about the connections between the strange & highly unpleasant merchants along with their Hyperborea rpg countrerparts. There's a deeply unpleasant & rather unsavory business between these two versions of the servants of those who control the black galleons. The party is in love with the red rubies the merchants possess and their wares. But all is not well. The party ran into a rather strangely clad warrior. 
In Brigiand's Bay they ran into a warrior dressed in odd almost bio mechanical armor who warned them to stay away from the galleon's merchants in the local tavern. He revealed himself to be a Velderag whose own adventuring party was killed when two of their members were kidnapped & sold into slavery. The merchants had turned on the adventurers when the amount of gold wasn't satisfactory and up to the merchant's standards. 
The Velderag is giving up on his comrades who are as good as dead or worse. But he dragged the party along with him deep into the woods just outside of Brigiand's Bay into the grove of the Sisters of the Great Spider  & the refuge of the spider people.  The player's PC's offered up some of the items they had purchased from the merchants of the black galleon as payment for prophesies. The party is spending the night with the spider people. 

Yes, I'm using a huge number of monsters & such from the Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets blog for our Hyperborea rpg campaign. Frankly I haven't had the time to devote to fleshing it out more. But since we've got a cleric of the spider god in our ranks it was an easy! But what is the  Velderag warrior's connection to the spider people?! And what of the black galleons where will they be going next?! The party is still crazy for the rubies! 

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