Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Lost Angeles Campaign Update - Adapting the Labyrinth Lord: Marilith-Kin Racial Class For Our Veterans of the Supernatural Rpg campaign

 So I've got an isolated Abyssial serpent cult in our Veterans of the Supernatural Wars campaign that's been harrassing the PC's for years. There are eight  Labyrinth Lord: Marilith-Kin Racial Class sisters who have been killing well liked NPC's for the past few years. 

The Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg companion goes into quite a bit of detail 
on the  Marilith for players. But I'm looking for half demon serpent women who can operating society almost but not quite invisible. These things are the hammers that motivate Abyssial cults on our Earth. These cold witches bargain the souls of victims to hags through the supernatural underground operating out of Los Angeles. The  Marilith operate as a valve of chaos bringing vice & horror into the city with human trafficking being front & center. There is a substantal war between the Marilith cults & the local vampire lords. 

In the supernatural wars and the velvet glove ambassitorial macanations of Lost Angeles has been tying up the investigations of the PC's for some months. But the Marilith cults have been kicking it into high gear. We've had several incidents with the PC's running into some very med level threats thrown their way including Black Eyed Children, shadow people assassins, and other less savory entities coming their way. 

The summoning of these entities is to murder the PC's & two to get them off the Abyssial tracks. So far they've come to hate the children & the other entities they've encountered. The players believe it could be a radical splinter of the Fairy courts. But they've got no proof at present. Meanwhile they have stumbled unto several Abyssial cult murders. Things are just starting to heat up! 

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