Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Review & Commentary On The Free Cepheus Engine rpg resource - issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal

 "Welcome to issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal.

From Ewan Spence we have an article about the 2nd Battalion Royal Australia Regiment for Modern War. Then from Jo Jaquinta we have the third part of his Raider’s Lament and an article aboutan out-of-the-ordinary monster.

Our editors have also contributed. Brett has interviewed Paul Elliot of Zozer Games and written a review of the Cepheus Deluxe rules. Paul has written an adventure and finally P-O has made a subsector map a written a short write-up of an alien race." 

The Cepheus Journal continues to impress with a solid  issue #009 that's been put to bed & on the site for download. Ewan Spence does an excellent job covering the RAR for Zozer Games Modern War. The whole article dives into the ins & outs of this modern Australian military force for your 2d6 Modern War campaigns; "The 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) is an amphibious light infantry battalion of the Australian Army and forms part of the 1st Division Amphibious Task Group based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland." 
This is a tightly written & very researched article . 'The Raiders Lament' part 3 by Jo Jaquinta goes the distance bringing more Cepheus Engine inspired action to the fore. Jo Jaquinta also delivers a great new monster with the Monster Capybara for your fantasy  2d6 game campaigns. And this is followed up with an interview with Paull Elliot of Zozer games & his passion for 2d6 games & history! Good stuff all around in this interview. 
Brett Kruger does an excellent review of Cepheus Deluxe one of the latest incarnations of the 2d6 Cepheus Engine rpg. Paul Dyre follows this up with '
The Sins of Winter Last' for the Sword of Cepheus rpg and its a rather nasty little adventure with all of the trimmings. P-O Bergstedt brings home the 'Chamberburg Sector' campaign setting for the Cepheus Egine & he follows this up with a rather nasty version of the Kramptus! 

So is 
issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal worth the download?! Yes I believe it is given the fact that one its free & two it manages to cover a bit of everything with its 2d6 goodness & content.

The Free Cepheus Engine rpg resource - issue #009 of the Cepheus Journal is Available Right Here 

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