Thursday, March 17, 2022

Review & Commentary On The Quixote Type ST Class Scout By Ian Stead & Tim Price From Moon Toad Publishing For The Cepheus Engine rpg & Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction rpg's

 "The Quixote Type ST Class Scout is a 100dton general purpose light scout/courier class ship capable of 2G acceleration and Jump 2. It comes fitted with a user-defined Mission Bay and a Vehicle Hangar. This is a "tail-sitter" design with decks arranged along the acceleration axis."

"This guide contains:

  • Ship art.
  • Blueprints.
  • Ship statistics and description.
  • Air Raft details and description.
  • 9 pages of deck plans
  • (empty, cluttered, and with alternative mission bay layouts).
  • Design Specifications.
  • A choice of 8 pre-generated character cards for crew.
  • Set RollD20 Assets"
Cepheus Engine rpg campaigns live & die on their classic starships making the Quixote Type ST Class Scout a true inheritor of the title scout ship. And the  Quixote Type ST Class Scout is a beauty with all of the bells & star ship variants you could want. This is a real cherry of a scout ship able to bring the iconic & the nostogalia for old school 2d6 Science Fiction gaming to the table top level. Everything here is just right with the look & feel of old school classic rpging with a modern OSR spin. 
The Quixote Type ST Class Scout brings home the edge of the universe action with solid starship artwork by Ian Stead & classic Tim Price writing. Everything here is solid with a pregenerated starship crew ready to go in hand. The Quixote Type ST Class Scout works so well for the PC's just starting out in Cepheus Engine and its a perfect class to add into the Clement Sector. Because The Quixote Type ST Class Scout represents the best that the scouts can offer. 
The design still being in operation in the Clement sector is easy to explain because of the fact that starship design was introduced before the collapse of the Conduit between the sector and Earth. 

What the  Quixote Type ST Class Scout brings to the table is 'edge of the seat' exploration & exploitation of the Old Western style frontier. The fact that the ship can go beyond the furtherest hill and it's a tried tested winner of an exploration ship. There are few starships that bring the exploration vibe & the trade out of the box feel of the  Quixote Type ST Class Scout. Moon Toad publishing knows their stuff & here's another killer example of a starship that will become beloved by your players! 

The Quixote Type ST Class Scout By Ian Stead & Tim Price From Moon Toad Publishing For The Cepheus Engine rpg  &  Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction rpg's Is Available Here 

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