Sunday, March 20, 2022

Review & Commentary On Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter By Michael Johnson From Independence Games For the Earh Sector Rpg, The Cepheus Engine Rpg, & Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Games

 “I spent twelve years in the Royal Navy before mustering out and joining British Interstellar Company and do not regret that decision at all. Same discipline, same loyalty to ship and crew, but with far more pay.” - Second Officer BIC MV New Windsor Liam Soltern, 2349 (standard)"

Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter By Michael Johnson From Independence Games is one of the newest Commerical Freighter books for the Earth Sector rpg. And the Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter looks like a real winner of a ship  that clocks in at forty pages. This is a big time hauler  on the space lanes moving cargo between systems & sectors. The Trade Empire-class star ships are the types of starships that legends are built on. 
These are commercial ships that provide all of the cargo that worlds are going to need and they act like the paddle boats of the Mississpi of 1860's supplying the Old West. Trade Empire-class  starships are the back bone of star systems & worlds on the frontier. They move cargo from point A to B. within  the Earth sector & her colony worlds. They are also the prey of the outlaws & pirates of the Earth sector. And they are the investiment backbone of the corporations & banks of Earth. 
The Trade Empire-class book is well done with Michael Johnson's usual flare for starship writing, capturing the grandeur, and labor of these starships. Ian Stead & Michael Johnson's artwork & design is on point. These are huge massive starships  as the stats reveal; "Type: Corporate Transport Vessel Class: Trade Empire Country: None (Commercial) Service Date: 2335 to date Displacement: 4500 tonnes Mass Tonnage: 22,500 tonnes Length: 153.5m Beam: 44m Thrust: 3G Complement: 79 (15 Officers, 64 Spacers) Craft Carried: 2x Ship’s Boats Cargo Carried: 2670 tonnes Armament: Primary: - Secondary: - Light: 20x dual beam laser turrets Defenses: Point Defense Node Array (45 nodes) Armor: Crystaliron" 

This book contains everything you need to drop a Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter into your on going campaign including her class variants. You get full plans, cut away diagrams, fully indeph stats, and more all to bring to life your own Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter into your game campaign. 
The Trade Empire-class Commercial Freighter  could also work just as well for a Cepheus Engine rpg campaign where you need this type of a commerical frieghter. And its a really well thought out design & class easily able to run a complete campaign aboard one of these star ships. 

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