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OSR Review & Commentary On The Knox-class frigate By Michael Johnson For The Earth Sector rpg, Cepheus Engine Rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg

 "Prepared for action!

The Knox-class frigate is a part of the United States Space Navy's holy trinity:  The Lexington-class cruiser, the Farragut-class destroyer, and the Knox-class frigate.  Designed by American legend Joyner Williamson, these ships have served the since 2294.  Found in both Clement Sector and Earth Sector, these ships are used by the US Space Navy, the Sophronius System Navy, and the Boone System Navy. "

"This book comes complete with full deckplans and statistics for both the Knox and the Improved Knox variant to make your use of our product simple, easy, and fun.  Though specifically designed for our Clement Sector setting, the Knox can be imported into any science fiction setting with little effort.

Climb aboard!  Adventure awaits!" 

 The Knox-class frigate By Michael Johnson For The Earth Sector rpg has a great set up for a great military ship. The Knox- class frigate has the feel of an old Iron Clad warship in the  middle of the American Civil War. Except the Knox Class Frigate is a bit of Earth military forces.  The Knox-class frigate is just about 30 pages of military starship goodness. You get history, background, military files, facts, etc. all related to the Knox-class frigate. 
The Knox- class frigate has some incredible armor, weapons, etc. all within their structure: 
“A small, fast military starship. Frigates are typically used as escort vessels to protect in-system and interstellar lines of communication or as an auxiliary component of a strike group” Cambridge Dictionary 2300 (standard) Type: Frigate Class: Knox Country: United States of America Service Date: 2296 to present Displacement: 1000 tonnes Drive: Gravitic Thrust: 4G Complement: 60 (14 officers, 46 enlisted) Armament: Primary: 2x 50 tonne Meson Gun Bays Secondary: 2x 50 tonne Particle Beam Bays Light: Triple turret (various) Defenses: Sandcaster Point Defense Node Array Armor: Crystaliron Ships in Class: 36" 
 The Knox-class frigates are small fast escort vessels and are perfect for auxiliary strike force. The United States of America has some impressive forces with the Knox- class frigate making up some of the backbone of their forces. This book is really well done with the writing of Michael Johnson being tense & very tight. 
This book adds another piece of the Earth's puzzle of military forces. 

 The Knox-class frigate By Michael Johnson is a solid book, tightly written with some solid diagrams & plans. This ship adds another twist to the Earth's sectors & its campaign against the various pirate factions. The Knox class frigate is a vital tool in this fight. I really enjoyed 
The Knox-class frigate because there's so much you as the DM can do with these iconic Earth Sector ships. 

The Knox-class frigate By Michael Johnson For The Earth Sector rpg Is Available Here. 

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