Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Barbaric Hordes - Using Dragon Magazine, The Best Of Vol. 5 To Fill The Ranks

 Last night while thumbing through Dragon Magazine, The Best Of Vol. 5 several interesting things came across my mind.Dragon Magazine, The Best Of Vol. 5 seems to concentrate on world building with lots of articles by various old school writers  taking center stage. And I had forgotten just how good Dragon magazine is. I don't want to go into too much detail but from Ice Age adventuring to using ancient Dwarven runes. Dragon Magazine, The Best Of Vol. 5 is a classic. 

'The Real Barbarians' by Katherine Karr from Dragon issue #72 April 1983 really spoke to me as a DM especially with a German & Celtic barbarian slant. This article gives food for thought when your looking into a game such as Adventurer, Conqueror, King, rpg. ACK's slant is towards a fantasy pseudo Roman empire. And I can see these barbarians being used as a fantasy barbarian clone horde in my own campaigns coming up. 
And to turn this on its ear these barbarian hordes on their ear by taking them into Stars Without Number rpg as a transplanted series of cultures on an Earth analogy exoplanet. And its this idea that could well tie into Stella Gemma Publishing's Barbaric rpg

Celtic & German barbarian hordes coming to meet and murder a party of explorers on some distant world seems like the sort of an event that would tie into Axioms Issue 2: Savage Swords of Chaos! This exoplanet might be a hot bed of Chaos where the hordes have matured over the centuries ready to be unleashed upon some unspecting world! 

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