Monday, March 28, 2022

' A Bigger Piece Of The Cosmic Action' - Campaign Commentary On Colonial Troopers rpg & Adventurer,Conqueror, King Rpg Hybrid Campaign

 The following is all campaign commentary on an ongoing campaign that came to crashing stop because of scheduling conflicts. That's going to be changing soon. 

So a couple of months ago I was running a Colonial Troopers rpg & Adventurer,Conqueror, King Rpg hybrid  campaign. We had two different groups of players competing in the darkness of space to see what was out there in the great beyond. It got pretty heated when the player's PCs stumbled upon one of the secrets of the Terran Empire from the Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu rpg campaign setting book for ACK's. And its within this campaign settting that we've got the Terrans making their first appearance with shades of Farscape & John Carter of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs in the form of the Terran Cosmonaught ; "Men and women from Terra sometimes end up trapped on Kanahu. They might have been teleported there by a freak physics experiment, or perhaps their space capsule fell through a wormhole and ended up in Kanahu orbit. Educated and enlightened believers in science and reason, Terrans are utterly alien to this barbaric world of savagery, idolatry, and superstition, and thus (for game purposes) constitute a “race” of their own." And it continues along the lines with more PC classes being available in Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu rpg. By the time, we get into Aryxymaraki’s Almanac of Unusual Magic supplement for ACK's the Terran Engineers have already adapted their technological abilities to the ACK's fantasy world. 

It always has seemed like the Terrans were hiding something & it only got worse when after a job that the PC's carried out. The Bugs started showing up & showing interest in the space fleet of several of the local sectors. At the center of the whole thing were the Terrans who had ticked the bugs off by taking several very important techno occult artifacts from the Bugs. And this got the PC's into the middle of the interstellar conflict. And it was war on a much grander scale. Ready or not the PC's were in the center of the Reticulans, Bugs, & Terrans conflict! 

The PC's were cogs in a meg scale interstellar game of chess with them in the center of the board. Suddenly they were dealing with a whole other level of reality here. Young stars being shepparded for terraforming planets, mega structures being used to move entire star systems, cosmic entities dealing harsh truths  and much more. And they wanted a piece of the action. They were playing way above their pay grade and it was glorious. 
So now they want to go to war & we might have some ideas as to where this takes us! Stay tuned! 

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