Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Venger Lives! - Fantasy & Fairy Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons in OSR Urban fantasy.

 One of the biggest issues that I've had over the last couple of months is reconciling the D&D fantasy aspect of urban fantasy with Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg. Where is the line where the modern world (such as it is) & the fantasy world overlaps. And in this we turn back to mythology. One of things that urban fantasy allows us to do is mix & match the elements of mythology that we love. But Veterans of the Supernatural Wars is pretty much a  blank B/X D&D style slate. Now unlike the mostly static supernatural realms, my preferance is for a dynamic & ever changining fantasy world stage. So compare this with something like the Gothic World of Darkness. 

The politic of the supernatural is ever changing. The D&D fantasy world is close at hand & its called Fairy. And the point here comes from an old Eighties source and that's the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. The Realm always seemed to be really close & nearby when it came to grabbing the occasional child or adult from across space & time. Having that sort of fantasy world just close at hand or near a child's closet pretty damn terrifying. If there are worlds of the supernatural an immortal & demonic wizard like Venger is going to be a huge piece on the board. 

Over the years I was thinking about the fact that Venger and his forces could easily be a real problem even at a distance for any vampire or fairy lord. And if you think I'm kidding look at the number of episodes of the Dungens & Dragons cartoon that intersects with our own Earth & across the space time of history. 

If the Realms are an extension of the world of Fairy then could Venger be the actual only stablizing force in that world?! Why would the Dungeon Master be training the kids as his successors with the carrot & stick of going home on their various adventures. What happened to Earth 1983 with the kids families & what not sure there could be the Fairy conciet of no time passing for their families. 

Or are there missing children posters up for the various children that have going missing from the Dungeons & Dragons ride within the amusement park. Has life gone on without the kids in the real world?! And why is it that the Realm actually resembles a Fairyland?! A magical realm that takes people, things, etc all into itself from across space, time, & history?! This is esepcially true of kids. 
And so adventurers could find themselves dealing with Venger just to get back to their own home! 

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