Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Lost Angeles Veterans of The Supernatural Wars Rpg Play Session Report - Night of The Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead

 This play session report picks right up on the heels of this blog entry here. 

The player's PC's have had it with the black eyed children & so decided to confront one of the little bastards. The little bastard in question was following the PC's in a resturant parking lot and things went from bad to really bad. The black eyed child was  Metaton or 'he who holds the book' and he proceeded to summon 4 demonic dead or the Myridder. And things got worse. 

The four of these undead proceeded to take a beating from the party & then ended up getting one in return. Shot were fired, two smoke grenades were released and the party ran away. Not before having one of their human handlers infected with a  Myrkridder spirit. Then the party bolted! 
The party had to tie up and subdue the undead horror in their midst with supernatural strength, rope, and prayers. They took the bastard to the occult secret society's Star Chamber chapter house where a dedicated holy cell is for demonically  possessed indivduals. And that's where this game session ended. 
  And here's what's really going on here. One of the players Scout came to me with a request to play something really different and since he's a big fan of Ash & the Evil Dead films. I had the perfect supernatural to bring to the table. James Mishler Games The Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead has been sitting on my hard drive for years. Now their after a red herr erm artifact to undo the possesssion.. 
Now I realize that certain character classes in the Night Compaign A Sourcebook for    Veterans of The Supernatural Wars Rpg could at higher levels cause problems for the Myrkridder. The players didn't think realized this and I wasn't going to tell em. 

For now they've got the demonic dead possessed agent contained or so they think. Now next week its gonna be a bit of a role playing highlight as the party question's the horror. 

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