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The Elf Human War - The Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg's the Heroic Fantasy Handbook & The Bloody, Bloody, Arduin rpg

 When it comes to the Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg one of my favorite books has been the Heroic Fantasy Handbook . And one of the reasons is the way that they treat Elves in the Heroic Fantasy Handbook . The classic D&D race is given a far more mythological take then the standard Dungeons & Dragons fare. And this comes into the purview of using ACK's with Dave Hargrave's Bloody Bloody Arduin. 

Given how this treatment aligns with the high end of Heroic Fantasy is it any wonder why I think that  Adventurer, Conqeuror King is perfectly suited to handle some of the aspects of Bloody,Bloody, Arduin especially the early Elf Human war. This histroy is bloody, brutal, & nasty according to; " The Elf – Human War -The one true and rightful ruler of Arduin, King Tarafass Dawnstar of the Royal House of the Rising Sun, closed the borders of his kingdom, and forbade entry of non-Elves. He knew the findings of the College of Sages in Falohyr and what they portended for his realm. He called up his silver mailed cavalry, his bronze sheathed and rock steady spearmen, his silent archers clothed in forest green, and his personal guard, the famed Golden Knights of the Dawn. When asked why, he answered, “Because men are men, and ever their hearts shall covet the power about us”.

The predicted ultimatum arrived, borne by a dust covered messenger from the kingdom of Morvaen, their eastern Human neighbor. It demanded that the people of Arduin become as one with the people of Morvaen so that together they could rule all the nexus lands. King Tarafass sent the messenger flying home with the reply “Arduin has been Elven since even before the dark years, and Elven it stands or dies. Take us if you can!”

The first battle was joined in a pass in the Brass Mountains called “The Trumpet’s Throat”. The Morvaenian pikemen led the storm of the small keep that guarded the pass, and of survivors there were none. Rushing through the pass, the army of Morvaen spilled out onto the Plains of Paranon leaving destruction in their wake.

As the invading horde poured into the beautiful Forest of Flame, there was no thought of anything but victory in the minds of the three generals who lead them until Arduin’s first line of defense made itself known. The archers who waited that fateful day were as invisible as the very air about the wondrous trees that they called their home. Invisible, that is, until their green, glowing, raining arrow sleeted into the ranks of the invaders. Stunned but not beaten were the veteran pikemen of Morvaen, retreating and then reforming, gathering their arbalesters about them.

The Morvaenian generals deployed their wild mountain tribesmen allies to face the rain of whistling green death. Nearly annihilated, the barbarians were able to close in and to bring their axes to striking distance. Outnumbered, the tribesmen fell to the last man, but it gained time for the pikemen to regroup and overrun, outfight, and finally route the Elven archers. The few who managed to escape returned again and again to send a shaft through an eye here, a whistling death to a heart there, in a continual harassment and vengeance that lasted the long night through.

With dawn, the invaders left the forest that would henceforth bear the name “The Weeping Woods”. Tired, battered, and angry with their lost thousands within the trees, they were shaken to their souls to hear the brazen wail of the great Elf horn. Before them stood the bronze Elven spearmen and the remaining archers in green. As their cries of dismay whirled in their generals’ ears, the great horn again sounded, and with mighty shouts, the Elven host charged down upon them" 
The question is that in the wake of the Human Elf war which lasted 10,000 years only to be followed by the Nexus Wars. What treasures, magicks, & artifacts were lost on Arduin when the world burned with fire & war. How far did the conflict spread across the planes?! 

Could there be weapons, dungeons, ruins, etc. that were created & then lost across the planes when the Human Elf war raged?! Short answer oh yes very much so. And  the Heroic Fantasy Handbook  is perfectly suited to portay this conflict. This is a conflict where the  heroic is going to need to take center stage and heroes will be needed. These are only my intial thoughts on the subject & what does all of this have to do with the Nexus Gates?! More on that coming up! 

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