Friday, March 4, 2022

The New Age of Discovery In Zozer Games Hostile - Beyond The Furthest Horizon

 Tonight I've got to wait until two of my players work scheduling issues so tonight I'm dusting off Zozer games Colony Builder & Explorers for the gritty HOSTILE science fiction setting. And this being done to fill in several colonies that we've got on the outer fringes of our Hostile campaign. 

This is being done to create several unexplored worlds with lots of natural resources. Rich natural resources that temp the heck out of rough necks who want that want that big  company bonus. The interstellar scene is one of very dynamic & dangerous exploration. These planets are prime points in the universe of Hostile for expansion. 
This instellar expansion reminds me of the great Age of Discovery. This would later result in the exploitation of the lands of the discovery something baked into the Hostile rpg  setting. 
The explorers of Hostile are the trail blazers & scouts of the rpg. They face & can die under very easy circumstances. Spacers in Hostile are the workers & explorers working space job by job. They are not the heroes of the rpg. They can be more often then the victims waiting to happen. 

This new Age of Discovery marks the bounty of adventure within Hostile. Because its not simply about xenomorphs. But straight on into exploring some of the most dangerous planetary & asteroids in the Hostile rpg. These will determine the fate of mankind among the stars, For myself this is the real power of the Hostile rpg. 
And its the exploitation of thesse new worlds for me as DM that works so well. The fact is that these new worlds provide so much more then simply another planet. But the basis for further exploration & expansion as well as providing both the finiancial & raw material to move further into the inerstellar scene. 
As the Hostile rpg campaign moves further along the stakes get higher & corporations begin to move into their instellar & galactic holdings. These go beyond the simple exoplanet colonies and into the ever expanding galactic turf of the setting. In many respects we are the late comers to the Hostile universe. 
The Age of Exploration in the Hostile campaign setting is only beginning. Who knows what the future will hold coming up. 

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