Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Commentary on Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts For the Clement Sector rpg, Cepheus Engine, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg's

Worlds for adventure! Durga Subsector, Subsector C of Earth Sector is a part of the civilized core worlds of the sector.  Named for the Hindu goddess of war, strength, and protection, the subsector is held by three powerful nations:  China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia. Durga includes the garden world of New Windsor, the icy world of Pingdan, the agricultural world of Långt, and the bleak world of Niflheim.  "

 "It is also home to an independent world, Arthur's World, ruled by a benevolent yet eccentric monarch. Filled with system maps, world maps, and physical data for each world, this book is a treasure trove of information for Referees who want to take their Earth Sector adventures further afield or for those who simply want a variety of worlds for their uses"

Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts chronicles one of the main stay of the Clement Sector rpg & that's world after world of highly valuable resources, settlement material, & more on the planet or sector side. These worlds belong to  three powerful nations:  China, The United Kingdom, and the Union of Scandinavia which each have their own fleets to defend these worlds. And what it brings home is that the Earth sector reminds me of the Union army post American Civil War. An expansionist empire waiting to move across the United Stats into the Old West. The Durga Sector provides raw fodder for colonies for Earth sector, especially if any one of these nations of Earth's sector's resources are stretched thin. This allows other friendly nations to do some of the colonizing while others may antagonize for war. 

The Earth sector banks & corporations are the only thing keeping the nations of Earth from tearing each other's colonies apart. Why?! Because of the long term issues with colonization. And this is one of the reasons why expansion into the Black is super critical for Earth.
Earth is an interstellar power at this point & if contact was to be reestablished with the Clement sector. The Clement Sector is a far more dangerous power at this point. And it stands to reason that there is no way that the Clement sector would ever give up years of independence. Only if contact was to re establish but this is a DM pipe dream.  Subsector Sourcebook: Durga is also great because it brings a plethora of new worlds & their colonies to explore. 
 Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts brings home the fact that colony worlds unto themselves are some of the most valuable pieces of colony properties. Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts  within the Earth brings home the valuable and subtle dangers that go with colony world. 
If you need new planets, colonies, and worlds 
 Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts is a solid addition to your DM tool box. 

 Subsector Sourcebook: Durga By John Watts Is Available Here. 

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