Friday, April 1, 2022

Dirty Deeds & A New Patron - Session Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Numbers Hybrid Campaign

 During tonight's Cepheus Engine rpg & Stars Without Number rpg hybrid campaign the player's PC's docked at  the In petlacalli # 3 Station.  And since this session picks up right from here. The PC's were mingling among some of the pseudo human wretches of space. The station was alive with telepathic music, spices, and aliens from across seven sectors. The place was awash in psychic impressions, forces, and even trained demons from beyond reality.  The last remains of the Váduva Tysulár, stared at the party of adventurers from lidded eyes and a mix of telepathic gossip. The molemen were sitting with a Áylgibrá royal scientist who wore the titantium skull cap of his cast having resisted the base sexual rites of his  caste. 

Nearby his six foot four Yeleth bodyguard stood awaiting a command to take apart the party of adventurers. The Yeleth cost more then some spacecraft and looked very convincing or real. He gave the party a nod as he sipped the last of his Rebar wine that contained the dreams of a lost alien race in it's rippling surface awash with the colours of memory.  He's looking for a wreck that contains a Hz'rom dream crystal belonging to the dead memories of a Muality general dead for 2000 years.The party's patron is willing to let them have the wrecked starship and a few highly advanced technological artifacts. The deal is sealed with an interstellar holo map of the wreck. 
The party is getting their  RAX Type Protected Merchant  refitted at the space station for the long voyage to the wreck.

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