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The Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) For Your Old School Campaigns

 "BATs are the perfect Cobra trooper. They never question orders, shirk duty or surrender. They are cheap and easy to replace. However, BATs do not react well to changes in field conditions, or discriminate well between targets. They will shoot at anything that moves. Cobra Infantrymen don't like to be on the same battlefield with B.A.Ts, and will sometimes dispense BATs into a losing battle, by kicking them out of low-flying aircraft without parachutes. B.A.Ts also have a tendency to burst into flame when hit from behind!
B.A.T.S. Wiki Entry 

Artwork used without permission 

The Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.)

Armor Class: 3

Hit Dice:20 

Frame: Biomorph

Locmotion: Legs
Manipulators: Hands 1d8 per punch, 
Armor: Metallic Mesh AC:3 
Sensors:  targetting system (full sensors) 
Accessories: AV Transmitter, Robolink
Sensors: Class III
Weapons:The right forearm could be equipped with a flamethrower 1d6 +4 Range 30 ft , laser cannon 2d6+2  Range 50 ft, gripper claw 1d8, or standard robotic hand
To The Max! 
On a Roll of 1-10 the B.A.T. shoot at anything that moves friend or foe continuing on with its objective! 
On A Roll of 11-20 The B.A.T. will do anything within its programming to destroy any targets within 20 feet gaining a +1 to all attacks! 1d6 other B.A.T.S. may rush to the aid of their comrade to overwhelm their targets as per their programming. 

The Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) were deployed in the hundreds to the alien shores of Carcosa in 2009 and beyond after attempts by Cobra to take over portions of the alien planet of the damned. 
B.A.T.s. have been sold to a number of sorcerers on Carcosa where they have been used as bodyguards & enforcers by these various black magicians. B.A.T.S. are not liked at all by anyone but their masters as they often are far too literal in their programming. 
B.A.T.S. have also been found in a number of Cobra outposts on Carcosa where they continue to be used in their role as disposible troops. Cobra uses Engineering B.A.T.S to maintain a number of these outposts that continue their roles as last ditch bases for the terrorist organization. 
Cobra also uses Carcosa as a testing ground for any captured alien technology & magical artifacts they find. There have been several incidents of B.A.T.S. gaining sentience through technological occult means & the results have not been pretty. B.A.T.S. have also been used extensively by Cobra for exploration roles their D gate programs which were directly adjuncts to the M.A.S.S. Device affair of the Eighties. See the G.I. Joe papers. 

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