Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hyper Space Beasties & OSR Commentary On Crew Expendable by Chris Elliott From Zozer Games For The Hostile Rpg

"A campaign supplement detailing the nuts and bolts for haulage crews to ship cargoes to destinations. It is not a set of ‘space trading’ rules, but more about the process of getting the goods where they need to be and meeting the deadline – the adventure is developed along the way. Includes a 1000 ton starship, NPCs, rules for interstellar haulage and plenty more background on the companies and routes employed shipping good between the stars. Available from in print format."

 Crew Expendable by Chris Elliott From Zozer Games For The Hostile Rpg has been on my mind since reading through the alegisdownport wood press blog. Hostile is on a completely different scale then say The Clement Sector or even These Stars Are Ours when it comes to The Cephesu Engine rpg. Crew Expendable really puts the idea of haulage into the wine blackness of space & its a very scary proposition in many ways. The idea of interstellar infrastructure in Crew Expendable has the quality of the vastiness of the universe. 
But is Crew Expendable's starships actually treading on where the the monsters are?! Are we actually looking at the right universe?! Is hyperspace actually the domain of instellar monsters that we can hardly understand? Every once in a while a 
Rockwell Harbinger ship goes missing. Would anyone actually notice? Think about how much automation is used aboard these ships. 

These starships require a pilot, a navigator, a ship’s doctor (or medic), an engineer or two, and a sensor operator. And with the frontier so close hyperspace is the great unknown in many ways. Mankind might night have as good a grasp on hyperspace as they think. Take a look at this Brown university explaination of hyperspace. 
These hyperthetical hyperspace  beasts could be made from exotic matter that we hardly understand. These beasts might not even count as life as we know it. But instead actually be energy lifeforms that swims through the undercurrents of the undereality of hyperspace. 

These hyperspacial lifeform might convert anything from our universe into easily devourable energy. And because of the very nature of starships carrying such energy reserves in hyperspace which could attract these monsters. This opinion is based on this article on
Game stats might not be necessary instead using rolls & description to avoid being converted into a beast's snack. These beast might be active while the crew is in cryo sleep and only when exiting back into our universe find some vital ship system missing. 

Right now Zozer Games Hostile is a part of the 
Bundle of Holding promotion available until about the 4th of May.

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