Saturday, April 2, 2022

Lost In Vabrix 44002 - An OSR Campaign Horror Hook For Veterans of The Supernatural Wars

 Left over from a forgotten pocket plane ages ago this urban  A.I. god driven universe  has continued to serve its populace since time forgotten. The urban landscape itself has folded in upon itself and continued to flourish for ages under the power & imagination of the A.I. Gods the Vabrix. They dreamed this place up and continued to organize its human population every 3.0 seconds. The trains run on time, the weather is the weather, and everything was perfect in cities across their Terra. But then glitches started to appear from else where. Human  glitches that the A.I. god's mega consciousness wasn't accounting for. 

Vabrix 44002 became aware of Earth through its interogation of the humans that have come its way. And slowly but surely it will erradicate this glitch in its perfect pearl of a reality. But several subroutines of Vabrix 44002 have been cutting deals with  the ' Real ITY' corporation whose use of the dimensional needle has been having several unexpected side effects.Across the skien of several realities on the planes the needle has picked up numerous glitches ( the PC's plucked from their home realities). The subroutines have released several technological probes into our native reality under the guise of the demon app & the scanner chips. 

The  ' Real ITY' corporation is a front for a cabal of ex social media executives who have been merging supernatural & cutting edge cyberpunk style technologies to bring the subroutines of Vabrix 44002 into our reality. This is simply another front in the Occult War for the fate of our reality & Vabrix 44002 as an entity, plane, & reality has been dragged into the middle of it. And its extremely alien to our our reality and some occultists have speculated that it's actually imicial to our human condition. And the forces of the 
Several of the 44002 humanoids whom the dimensional needle has dragged into our reality have adapted well because of their cybernetic systems. While other humans who have found themselves with Vabrix have become permanently bonded with the plane as parts. Player's PC's using the dimensional needle & crossing over into Vabrix 44002's plane are in for a surprise. 

 Vabrix 44002 is still gathering information & player's PC's arriving within the city are greeted by what looks like a familar European countryside urban landscape is anythin but. This is one of the lesser no nodes of Vabrix located in its Earth's country side. Who or when it took over its Earth's reality isn't recorded but the whole place has an alien feel. 

Shops seem eeriely familar, the square is very quiet and tranquil. But something is off, there's no sounds of wild life, nor are any of the people found around the square even though its noon. The air smells of ozone and artificial chemicals. People seem friendly but their eyes are pools of primary colours. Welcome home, welcome to the world of Vabrix 44002. 

So what is this?! This is me reading through the excellent Matrix Ghost Transmission blog and messing with working on a campaign based on some of the excellent material found there for one of my all time favorite B/X clone system games Veterans of the Supernatural Wars but doing something a bit different. 

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