Monday, April 4, 2022

Review & Commentary On Frog God Games 'The Fiend of Turlin' By Skeeter Green For Swords & Wizardry rpg or Your Old School Campaigns

 "It all seems like an ordinary city adventure at the beginning, in the Turlin’s Well District of the City of Bard’s Gate, but matters get darker and stranger as events move on. An unknown troublemaker is progressing from vandalism to kidnapping to murder, and the district’s civil order starts to come unraveled as the city watch remains helpless to stop the very visible crimes…" 

Frog God Games Skeeter Green has created a nice first or second level adventure in 'The Fiend of Turlin's Well'. A thiry page adventure that attempts & succeeds in adding in psychological horror into the the realm of Swords & Wizardry rpg's Sword & Sorcery adventure. 

The dark nature of the murders of this adventure are not for the faint of heart. 'The Fiend of Turlin'   adventure  set up is very itself very well with the PC's getting deeply into the middle of events right away. 'The Fiend of Turlin' takes the PC's deep into the adventures events & unfolds around them solidly. 
There is treasure but there's a lot of terror here and 'The Fiend of Turlin'  makes good use of both its plot & elements over multiple sessions if played correctly. Without giving a lot away there's enough within 'The Fiend of Turlin' to take the PC's from 1st level right into a healthy 2nd level easily. The writing is solid & the adventure moves along quickly.  This is an 'adult' adventure because of how it lays itself out & its disturbing content ( no more so then an episode of NCIS really or an 'R' rated film.  'The Fiend of Turlin' could be used to introduce PC's to a larger urban city scape campaign & it really would fit the grim & gritty nature of Greyhawk quite easily. 

'The Fiend of Turlin' By Skeeter Green For Swords & Wizardry rpg isn't a bad choice to kick off a low level Swords & Wizardry rpg campaign with a neo Noir  Sword & Sorcery slant! The NPC's are solid, the cartography good, and the material is easily adaptable. 

Frog God Games 'The Fiend of Turlin' By Skeeter Green For Swords & Wizardry rpg is available here! 

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