Monday, April 25, 2022

OSR Campaign Commentary - Back To Original Dungeons & Dragons With A Twist of OSR Conan & Bloody, Bloody, Arduin rpg

 This past week my Spring headcold has been kicking my ass. And no it's not Covid I've gotten tested. So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about going back to original Dungeons & Dragons with all of the bells & whistles. And this brings me back to Jason Vey's Conan materials. The addition here would be using Bloody,Bloody, Arduin with it. Why? 

Stephen Fabian artwork used without permission 

Well first of all is that I want to get back to Carcosa &  Bloody,Bloody, Arduin fits the bill more. And the optional PC classes seem to be on the table with my players. Yes we're in the middle of a campaign or three already but we need to get back to our table I was told. This means going back to OD&D basics with the supplemental  options on the table. 

If the Nexus gates blow open & there's a raid into the PC's world this is how this campaign should kick off. The gates are guarded by various factions of Elves & humans at some of the fortresses surrounding the gates. But with multi colored warriors armed to the teeth pouring through with 'Jack Kirby' style weapons things should get very interesting. This is where we're going to kick things off coming up. Another PC  optional set of rules is Lost Carcosa by Tristan Tanner. The reason is simple, the alternative PC races such as Zoogs & Ghouls is very tempting to the players. The real draw from what I've heard from players  are the Lovecraftian  cleric & magic user spells. 

Where we take this will depend this week with the players but I'm hoping to plug back into Cha'alt if the players play things correctly. As we've moved up the Cha'alt timeline 

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