Thursday, April 14, 2022

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands Actual Play Session one! Carcosa Landfall!

 So we've been quietly playing through a bit of Carcosa using Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands rpg. Its been interesting to say the least or at least it has been from my perspective. We've got Arnold Kazram Holy Smiter of Judus Death. He's a war orphan who survived the Holy Wars and went on to become a holy smiter of Judas Death. Sorta of a combination of Megadeath & Judas Priest if these bands were actually a heavy metal god. 

The player wants to swap out his clerical spells for some from Neoplastic Press's Metallic Tome and the metal clerical spells within. Because, Jason's character isn't a healer but an ass kicking paladin of  Eighties metal we can let this pass! Arnold is a third level holy smiter usually dresss in a combination of denim and chainmail. And one of his favorite spells is Abyssal Winter; "Abyssal Winter Duration: 5 rounds plus 1 round per caster level Range: 100’ plus 20’ per caster level Ice forms on the floor and grips the victim’s feet. The cold saps strength and speed, freezing the enemy in place. The victim’s move rate drops to 20’ [2] for the duration of the spell. The victim’s attacks with melee weapons receive a -2 to damage, and missile weapon attacks are -2 to hit. This spell can affect 1 target per caster level, but all targets must be within 50’ of each other" 

Arnold is on a mission to avenge his family taken out by the 'Lost Boys' vampire biker gang and he's on a mission to send the vampires to Hell! Even if he's got to Hell and   follow them himself! And this is how are gang goes from Neon Traxx to Carcosa. A miscast by the biker gang's necromancer puts the group in serious danger when they were teleported right in front of a spawn of Shub Niggurath. And the party runs like Hell while fires blinding running like a pack of wild dogs! 

daviblight dark-young-of-shub-niggurath artwork used without permission 

The party is on an alien world and with few options! They made camp on high ground & began to take in their situation. 

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