Saturday, April 16, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary Zozer Games 'Prelude To Freedom' By David Cooper For The Hostile Rpg

"A scenario for Hostile by David Cooper/ Brass Jester ©2022
The PCs are corporate troubleshooters dispatched to ever-dark Nevermind, an Off-World colony reliant on an Erebus fusion powerplant. But the plant, and the survival of every colonist on Nevermind, is at stake. " 

Three scenarios, maps and encounter tables, the Seonwu tractor detailed, NPCs and situations. "

 Nevermind isn't the kind of world that you really want to be stuck on as presented in Zozer Games 'Prelude To Freedom' By David Cooper. Nevermind is a beast of a world that centers itself on the great fusion plant that's been built there. There are not one but three adventures that 'Prelude to Freedom' presents  & these all center around the colony, the circumstances of decisions, and the fate of Nevermind. 
Let's start off the fact that 'Prelude To Freedom' By David Cooper isn't a railroad & instead its more of a roller coaster; "The following missions are not railroaded scene-by-scene scenarios. I’ll give you the outline of what’s going on, then it’s up to individual referees to use the material as they want." 
And its this attitude that has the fate of Nevermind at its core. And in Hostile that's a recipe for adventure, once again having callbacks to the Eighties action/horror films of the past. 'Prelude to Freedom' charts its own course on Nevermind. 

Nevermind itself in 'Prelude to Freedom' is itself a setting  character with character. It colours everything about this campaign because that's exactly what this is! You've got corporate politics, new NPC's, and lots of Hostile goodness. All this and more with the world really at stake! And that's no lie! 
If the PC's have survived 'Salvatoris' as an opener to a Hostile campaign then 'Prelude To Freedom' is going to take them to the next level! Seriously there's a lot of good things to say about 'Prelude to Freedom' and Nevermind is a compelling world. And its a great place to stick player's PC when events in 'Prelude To Freedom' are over! And I don't want to give too much away from 'Prelude to Freedom' 

David Cooper does a good job with his writing its tight, and Hell even the cover is corporate propaganda in the form of a brochure. Nevermind itself is brutal, dangerous, and very much has the feel of the edge of the frontier. 'Prelude to Freedom' is a fantastic adventure as a mid tier 'Hostile' rpg adventure. And 'Prelude to Freedom' will keep your player's PC's on the edge of their seats! 
Zozer Games 'Prelude To Freedom' By David Cooper  For The Hostile Rpg Is Availabe Right Here 

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