Saturday, April 30, 2022

Generating An Entire OSR Wild Western Bounty Hunting or Piracy Planet Campaign On The Fly


So you wanna make a Wild West colony world that the players haven't seen with a bunch of exotic alien straight outta of the back end of the OSR!?! Easy as pie grab your copy of  'The D10 Wild West Bounty Generator' from Den Tenor from D10 Dimensions & your copy of the Arduin Trilogy. Yes you read that right. 

Everyone on the street sees the pickpocket attempt

(Roland Brown, The Arduin Grimoire IV: The Lost Grimoire by Dave Hargrave, Dragon Tree Press, 1984)

Now roll up your bounty as per normal & then pick you other Arduin NPC bounty hunters straight out of the Trilogy book. And generate them as normal. Because Original Dungeons & Dragons or B/X Dungeons & Dragons  is so close to original Traveller this isn't going to cause any problems especially if your using an OSR game such as Stars Without Numbers..If your using Rider by Independence Games the effect comes off without a hitch as the whole campaign setting  is more then the sum of its parts. Meaning the near human as well as alien races of Arduin are simply uplifted animals or humans. And yes Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector Third Edition is perfect for this.  This planet isn't the Wild West though and instead could be thought of as the Privateer period during the American Civil War. And these folks are Privateer bounties instead;" During the American Civil War privateering took on several forms, including blockade running while privateering, in general, occurred in the interests of both the North and the South. Letters of marque would often be issued to private shipping companies and other private owners of ships, authorizing them to engage vessels deemed to be unfriendly to the issuing government. Crews of ships were awarded the cargo and other prizes aboard any captured vessel as an incentive to search far and wide for ships attempting to supply the Confederacy, or aid the Union, as the case may be.

During the Civil War Confederate President Jefferson Davis issued letters of marque to anyone who would employ their ship to either attack Union shipping or bring badly needed supplies through the Union blockade into southern ports" 

Next stick with the settlement creation rules from Rider to generate your Wild Western planet  settlements where you can turn in your player's PC's bounties and off you go. There are five reasons why this works: 
  1. This keeps the players who have read all of the rule books off kilter. 
  2. You generate bounty hunters quickly and efficiently keeping NPC's fresh in rotation
  3. The Wild Western frontier of the black is very dark not everyone will know other bounty hunters  so keep in mind your player's skills & abilities when creating NPC's. 
  4. This style of play has the Fire Fly tv show  & interstellar Civil War style in the back pocket for a campaign especially within the Clement Sector. 
  5. The players could essentially find themselves on both sides of the law & such a conflict easily. 

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