Sunday, April 10, 2022

OSR Review of The Free Cepheus Journal issue #10 for the Cepheus Engine rpg & Your 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Game Campaigns

 Reviews are tricky things & when it comes 2d6 rpging the Cepheus Engine Journal is the key in Cepheus Engine gaming. And Cepheus Journal  issue #10 proves this with a double sized issue clocking in at fifty six pages of pure 2d6 gaming goodness! 

'Beyond Mithril and Adamantine' by Joseph Jaquinta goes down over the natural minerals & magical metals in 2d6 fantasy gaming. These come in handy for magical swords & other magical items this is a perfect gateway for enchanting items for Sword of Cepheus! 
The Alchemist By 
Paul Drye is another great addition to the 2d6 fantasy agenda! The alchemist is according to the article; " characters who are scholars may specialize in alchemy which is a specific branch of magic oriented towards laboratory procedures and potions rather than on­the­fly spellcasting in the heat of the moment.". These are perfectly suited PC's who also work as patronly NPC's for parties of adventurers! And this article does a fantastic job of outlining alcemists  as complex and well defined careers that can provide a solid addition to your Sword of Cepheus game campaign! 
"Bring me the Head of Izumi Takahiro" by Norton Glover and works as a solid cyberpunk Cepheus Engine rpg adventure for 3 to 6 players! This is a solid mid teir adventure with some solid twists & turns! 

'The Human Destiny' by 
Jon F. Zeigler is a Space Opera Cepheus Engine rpg campaign setting with some real potential for extended campaign play. The author does a great job of laying out the basics for this campaign product setting that we'll see coming up! 
And then we get into one of my favorite ship types for this issue 'The Junk' by 
Jo Jaquinta ! While this doesn't sound exciting the Junk is a trade  space craft that is created from any locally available materials according the article; "The design was commissioned to be as cheap as possible in order to facilitate government production, trade subsidies and to be sensitive to extremely low margins. These together allow for the Junk to be profitable over a wide variety of routes. The Junk is extremely popular with many development offices. As the requirements are very basic, they can be built in almost any starport, usually with locally sourced supplies, often qualifying them for most favorable rates and subsidies due to the stimulus to the local economy. Analysis shows that, credit for credit, subsidizing the production, use and distribution of Junks achieves government aims better than any other class of vessel." These are highly useful trade ships especially for the Clement Sector campaign setting! 

A  solid continuation of the story The Raiders Lament Part 4 by Jo Jaquinta & it goes a great job of keeping the plot moving! 'World Generation in the Hostile Setting' by P-O Bergstedt is an additional world generation article for Zozer Games Hostile rpg setting & its a solid addition to the Hostile rpg! All in all a great article! 
Using AI for Your Cepheus Engine Setting is a solid article uses A.I. websites & apps  used for creating artwork for NPC's, adventure locations, & a more including on line resources & websites! Highly useful stuff. 
'Edge of Darkness' by 
Brett Kruger raises the stakes for getting out into the blackness & your own 2d6 adventures! 

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