Monday, April 4, 2022

E.D.D.I.E. Cybernetic Units For Your Old School Campaigns

 The E.D.D.I.E. Units were created by the Ministry of The Iron Maiden in 6891 to police through time & space. Each E.D.D.I.E. unit is equipped with a 'side slip' time teleportation device after the 'Somewhere In Time' affair on the shores of Carcosa.E.D.D.I.E. stands for Eradication, Destruction, Diliation, Investigation, and End cybernetic unit. 

Chris Shy Artwork used without permission no copyright nor trademark infringement against the artist is implied. The artwork inspired the 

Each E.D.D.I.E unit is made from the cloned necrotissue of history's worst criminials & psychopaths give over to the 'Iron Maiden' ministries patiented RUR  universal matrix brain. Equipped with a necrophasic targetting system & an internal nuclear powered  percision laser pistol (half life 2000 years) 2d6+2 damage. No one knows why the E.D.D.I.E. cybernetic units are on Carcosa but they seem to be searching for something but no ones what. 
E.D.D.I.E. Unit 
Armor Class: 3
Frame: Humanoid 
Locmotion: Legs
Manipulators: Hands 1d6 per punch 
Armor: Necro metallic flesh AC:3 
Sensors: necrophasic targetting system (full sensors) 
Accessories: psychic link with Iron Maiden Minstries 
Weapons: internal nuclear powered  percision laser pistol (half life 2000 years) 2d6+2 damage.
Defense: Force Field capable of absorbing 100 points of damage.Each E.D.D.I.E. unit is equipped with a Side Slip Time Teleportation device capable of seven time jumps before having to return to 'Iron Maiden' Ministries for a full recharge. 
 Note that each E.D.D.I.E. Unit is capable of creating its own  unique A.I. personality over its 20,000 year life span. E.D.D.I.E. units are capable of appearing throughout time & space. 
 To The Max 
On a roll of 1-10 The E.D.D.I.E. unit adds +2 to all hand to hand attacks 
On a roll of 11 -20 the E.D.D.I.E. unit rips the targets head off with a sickening ripping sound! 

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