Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Uninvited Guests Apex At The Table - Session Report One - Stars Without Numbers Revised/Cepheus Engine rpg Hybrid Campaign

 After cutting deals at one of the scummiest alien bases in the galaxy.The player's PC's received a signal from the outer edge of the galaxy. And so they spent the better part of 5 weeks in hypersleep. The head cold I have continues to play havoc with my head & sinuses. On the plus side, we've been able to take a hiatus on our current Stars Without Numbers Revised/Cepheus Engine rpg Hybrid Campaign.  Currently we've updated our current campaign by having the PC's exploring an abandoned base on the outter edges of the galaxy. For this we're using Moontoad Publishing's  Scout Base 947 Adventure. 

In the depths of the base are the remains of an A.I. copied from the mind of a historian & socialist played by one of our players back in 2014. Robert's PC is a clone and is still unsure if he's the master clone or simply another copy. Mega corporations have used clones of this historian in their own games and to create other A.I.'s. For the moment he is nameless & Robert's PC seemingly parished sacrificing himself to save the rest of his party. So how is an A.I. copy running a base on the edge of the galaxy. 

And that's when three Trent Class Apex destroyers showed up! These three belong to the Apex megacorporation. And the PC's have no truck with Apex a spectre outta of the past! 

To Be Continued! 

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