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'Menace of From X1 The Isle of Dread ' - Lost In The Eighties! LoFP Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Session - Extension

 Expert  Dungeons & Dragons X1 The Isle of Dread by Dave Cook & Tom Moldvay is a module that we keep coming back to and its been playing on my mind for a long while now. And after watching through Seth Skorkowsky's Isle of Dread review  last night I came upon his idea with the Kopru eggs. This blog entry ties into the Lost In The Eighties! LoFP Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Session - Extension

Here we tie X1 onto Carcosa with the isle there. Go and watch the review. But the idea of the last two Kopru are guarding millions of eggs is very compelling & very Lovecraftian. Now let's take the idea that the Kopru empire having once held thousands of worlds within their slimy tentacled grasp. Evolve this idea further & extend it into the modern nights and the Kopru become a major threat to the Earth. 

The Kopru ruins from the TSR archive originally from Darrin Drader for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons works very well for illutstrating the dangers that these ancient Lovecraftian horrors are to any humanoid life around them. Would the Kopru get along with other Lovecraftian life forms such as the Deep Ones?! No not all in my mind for several reasons. 1. The human population is a major resource for these Lovecraftian races. 2. Both Lovecraftian races are majorly Xenophobic & very terroritial. 3nd These two Lovecraftian races serve completely gods and masters! 
All of this leads into the fact that the Kopru would love to begin spreading their alien influece across the modern world quite easily through enchanted statues, artwork, and artifacts. The Kopru are a huge menace just waiting to hatch upon the modern nights easily. 

The Kopru may have access to planar gateways that extend among the planes & this could easily explain their presence in the modern nights. According to the wiki in the Kopru history; "Most kopru cities were founded over 3,000 years ago during a period in which their basic food source, a clam mollusk known as the kopura, thrived beneath the southern oceans. The kopru shamans of Demogorgon used their demonic magic to transform the largest kopura into fiendish creatures that produced black pearls the shamans used to work terrible magic. The kopru enslaved sahuagin, locathah, and aquatic elves, occasionally allying with the kuo-toas but warring with the ixitxachitls.

About 2,000 years ago, when the kopru civilization was at its peak, a mysterious disease decimated the kopura, marking the beginning of the koprus' decline. They began to kill and eat their slaves, and in some cases their nobles began to prey on lower-ranking members of their own kind. The kopru city-states went to war with each other.

Around 1,500 years ago a great rebellion of the kopru slaves caused the destruction of most kopru cities. Their leaders were hunted down and killed, and kopru society has been a savage shadow of its former self ever since." 
Could this in point of fact be a part of their alien life cycles where only the fittest survive to guard the next cycle of the Kopru race. And given the fact that perhaps millions of Kopru could  be just about ready to hatch these new menaces could be poised to invade Freisberg! 

And this ties into the fact that Friesberg's supernatural races & PC's serve as a kind of supernatural Earthly immune system. The space craft the PC's faced last session is going to drop them into the Kopru ruins and things about to get interesting. 

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