Monday, April 18, 2022

OSR Review of Scorched - An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by Eric Bloat, & Josh Palmer From Bloat Games

 "Bloat Games is excited to announce SCORCHED.

This game is based on the simple concept, "What if Luke never left Tatooine?"

'It's definitely heavily Star Wars inspired with a side of Mad Max thrown in for good measure. And did we mention, it has Power Armors?

Scorched is a full stand-alone TTRPG, clocking in at 223 pages, but is also fully compatible with The Blackest Space and can be used as a supplement to that game, also.

Scorched is a game that utilizes the BoD game system created by Eric Bloat for The Blackest of Deaths RPG."

"The BoD game system is based on the d20 OGL with updates and alternate rules, most-notably the Core Mechanic:  Roll 1d20 & 1d6 Simultaneously

When you attack, make a save, make a skill, etc. roll a d20 and a d6 and add any applicable modifiers to the d20 roll.

If you meet, or beat, the target Difficulty Check or Evade score you succeed.

On the d6, do not add modifiers unless specifically instructed and ignore a roll of 2, 3, 4 or 5. For a roll of 1 add a Hindrance and for a roll of 6 add a Benefit. 


Hindrance adds an additional challenge or difficulty that was not present before the attempt."

Scorched came across my desk through my purchasing it on Drivethrurpg & the rpg comes across  as a mix of  power armor & 'Space Hunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone'. This rpg has a myriad of micro settings all tied into the planetary setting of Lazarus-3. You've got  warriors, survivors, spacers,magick, you've got power armor, you've got wastelands, and much more.
All of this comes under the heading of Scorched rpg's two hundred & twenty six pages. And within there are the alien races of Lazarus-3 are varied & there's enough choice that can give the players solid races. We've got Feysprouted, a sort of alien psychic Fey, human obviously. Mirewhips alien whip like aliens, robos free willed alien cybernetic lifeforms, Sandkrait alien repitlians, and then its off the classes!  
Here we've got bounty hunters. emmisary representatives from alien cultures, fortune hunter, mercenaries, pilot, raiders, rogues, warmages, and zealots. So generate your stats, pick your race, and pick your class. 
And then we get deep into the weapons & equipment! There's a ton of good gear ready to go for the PC's. 
One thing about Lazarus -3 it centers itself around cybernetic life forms & mecha! And its an alien desert wasteland ready to drop the players into! 
No seriously its that quick! You are ready to go in what looks like about fifteen minutes! And there's even random encounter charts & what not ready to go! 
And this follows the Bloat Games formula down line, quick ruled OSR games ready to play that follow the guidelines laid down by Eric Bloat & company! 

Scorched is no different because it follows the design path laid down in Survive This!! Blackest of Space rpg.  Because the two games are 100% cross compatible and this is another benefit to Bloat games material. 

Do you need the Scorched rpg for 'Blackest of Space' setting ?! Nope, everything you need for a Scorched  rpg campaign is in Scorched rule book. Its very nice to have the option of using 'Blackest of Space' with Scorched. Lazarus-3 is a solid & very interesting world all on its one within Scorched! 
Scorched is a rare bird in the OSR , a complete game unto itself  with everything you need to play straight outta of the box! Scorched is a good solid OSR Science Fiction or Science Fantasy rpg that works well with other OSR games! So its a solid investiment for the OSR DM. 

 Scorched - An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by  Eric Bloat, & Josh Palmer From Bloat Games Available Here 

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