Friday, April 1, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary 'All Bets Are Off' - An Alternative Setting for Postcards from Avalidad Rpg By Miguel Ribeiro

 "All Bets are Off is a mini-setting for Postcards from Avalidad. It adds the city of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, to the Avalidad game world. Lisbon of the near-future is a new entry in the infamous list of gambling and vice cities of the world, such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macao, Monaco and Singapore. There are several tie-ins to the original storyline through factions in the core book and plot hooks which demand the characters to travel to the Iberian city. There’s also enough information to make Lisbon an alternative location for an Avalidad on-going plot."

'All bets are off ' is a faction & setting book for the Postcards from Avalidad rpg set in Lisbon in Portugal. A city I'm very familiar with having been there several times in the 90's. And this isn't that city or at least the version I'm familiar with.

And that's the point here folks. The Lisbon of 'All bets are off ' is a world of spies, dilettantes, grifters, cyberpunks, & every low life of the jet set that you can imagine. And this book clocks in a massive Eighty Nine pages of crammed in setting & NPC book.

'All Bets Are Off' is Lisbon through the rabbit hole of Cyberpunk on steriods, and everyone here has an angle including the house. The setting wears its Neo noir roots on its gold cuff linked sleeves. And this is just as its getting out the brass knuckles to finish off your PC's. Lisbon isn't built with factions in mind its built out of factions! And every one of em has an angle all of the while international & corporate spies move through the campaign sea like sharks. There's more then enough in 'All Bets Are Off' to keep the PC's on their toes for an entire campaign and they may never leave Lisbon... alive. 
Lisbon in 'All Bets Bets Are Off' is a viberant & living cyberpunk city with all of its own glitz, glamour, and an undercurrent of corruption. Adventures within Lisbon are going to be a combination of grift, grief, loss, and gain all in equal measure. 

Miguel Ribeiro writing is tight, the whole cloth of the setting is rich with adventure possibilities. And that's a solid six dollar investiment for the PDF. And it's a good solid start for a Neo Noir campaign.

All Bets Are Off' - An Alternative Setting for Postcards from Avalidad Rpg By Miguel Ribeiro Is Available Here

Now, how would I use 'All Bets Are Off ' personally?! Well, there's few thoughts swimming around in this diseased brain of mine. And that's to take 'All Bets Are Off' and grab Zozer Games Zaibatsu rpg then run Lisbon fast & loose as a campaign starting city. The glitz & glamour with its otherworldly qualities contrasts quite nicely to the underbelly of the factions driven world Lisbon.

Why?! Because the Neo Noir setting of Lisbon with its cyberpunk world contrasts nastily with the bio punk PC's elements of Zaibatsu. The PC's are purposely going to be fishes out of water in Lisbon exploited & exposed by the NPC factions of the city. And this trend will continue as the campaign continues.

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