Monday, April 4, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On The First issue of Ulfire Tablets, An OSR fanzine dedicated to Old School Science Fantasy Campaigning

 "This is the first issue of Ulfire Tablets, a zine dedicated to roleplaying in science fantasy / planetary romance settings! Try the vile Carcosan Chess, ride dinosaurs, play as (or consume) sentient fungi, read the mind of an ancient sorcerer, create objects of arcane technology indistinguishable from magic, and fight as a post-apocalyptic barbarian! 32 pages of content, mostly with OSR games in mind."

"This volume turned out to be a Carcosa special, but in the bleak future we plan to colonize other planets as well – Barsoom, Tékumel, Athas, Gamma Terra, or anything else along these lines. Get in touch if you wish to contribute gaming materials or art!" 

So I've been looking around for other LoFP Carcosa sources & came across a fanzine called Ulfire Tablets issue #1. And its a first strong issue with the insane Carcosa Chessmen article by  Tamás Kisbali & Bálint Biczók. This chess variant is really nasty & dangerous for PC & while its a throwback homage to Egar Rice Burroughs a 'The Chessmen of Mars'. Carcosan chessmen has some dangerous variants within its rules so use with caution. 
Carcosan Fungimen by M.W. Hess brings three brand new varieties of fungi warriors to the table top & none of them are going to be easy to deal with. The fiction piece is the Sorcerer King of Carcosa by Tulta about an aging Sorcerer king whose come to his final reward of old age but not all is as it seems. 
Parasaur mounts by M.W. Hess brings new dinosaur mount goodness to your Carcosa or Science Fantasy campaign.Science Fantasy Artifact Generator By Tamás Kisbali brings a solid science fiction & science fantasy artifact or technology generator to your games. 
Twenty Fighting Styles for Carcosa By Dan St. Cy brings home the rites & rituals of some really awesome alien fighting styles. Finally we get a very detailed review of Swords and Super-Science of Xuhlan: A Campaign Setting for Use with Warriors of the Red Planet, by Terje Nordin (2020); 46 pages. Reviewed by Tamás Kisbali who goes into some really solid detail about this forty eight page rpg campaign setting. 

The first issue of Ulfire Tablets, comes on strong with only a thirty page first issue and keeps up the weirdness for at least its entire run. The material here is solidly done with call backs to classic era resources & solid 'b' movie references throughout. The first issue of Ulfire Tablets, doesn't take itself seriously but treats the subject material as such. And it keeps its feet moving through the Science Fantasy material with very little let up. And this is solid move for a fanzine to take. All in all I think that the first issue of Ulfire Tablets, is worth your time & your attention! 

 The First issue of Ulfire Tablets, An OSR fanzine dedicated to Old School Science Fantasy Campaigning 

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