Sunday, April 3, 2022

Lost In The Eighties! LoFP Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Session - Extension


So we've been picking up on an old OSR campaign game I ran awhile back 'Lost in the Eighties' wayback in 2018.  And we decided to revisit the game with our current Veterans of the Supernatural Wars PC's. And this all begins with the PC's crossing paths with Iram Vep and Les Vampires in America about 1985. Les Vampires are band of asssasins & thieves who are actually vampires! They broke into the home of a retired adventurer & stole the Ring of Ravago. The ring is literally a ring of gold brass material & the vampires had killed the adventurer when the PC's broke into the three story house. A fire fight ensued and the ring was activated when a stray bullet hit the right after the PC rolled a one. 

Artwork used without permission

Iram Vep and Les Vampires were not caught in the magick back blast but the PC's were! They found thenmselves within another fire fight on Carcosa between a group of blue men & green! The PC's kept their heads down until three fast moving & highly dangerous alien space craft chased off both groups! 

The PC's remained hidden behind a ruined wall & the space craft zipped off in quick sucession. The whole affair lasted a few moments. A few moments later the PC's heard a strangled scream from an old man. They rushed to his aid just as one of the space craft was beaming an ancient purple man aboard. The PC's Mystic martial artist Quan Linn dived into the ray and grabbed him. And just before they had a lock on him & they rolled out of the way. The ships left in a flash. 
Wi Granna a purple sorcerer of Law was grateful to the martial artist and took the PC's to his stone hut nearby. And Wi Granna was able to activate the ring using blood from each of the player characters. But is it ever a good idea to give a sorcerer your blood!? 
The PC's found themselves back in the middle of Friesburg Pine Court Mall surrounded by shocked shoppers?! 
The PC's were wondering why Friesburg Pine Court Mall ?! And they were missing over 24 hours that had vanished! And as they left the mall to call a cab things started to get weird. The sky turned an odd colour and the party heard the familar whine of the space craft they had just seen! And this is where we closed our session on! 

So we're using the Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg Companion which adds a ton of options for the B/X D&D driven given. The mix of Lovecraftian & occult horror movie PC options are some of my favorites. 

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