Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lost In The Eighties! LoFP Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Session One

A brand new group of young adventurers faces down the legacy of the Nazi expedition to the alien shores of  'lost Carcosa' but a far more heinous threat looms for this Earth! Come with us now to the Eighties the Age of Heroes!

June 1957 marked the end of 'the Prenatural Wars' as the very last expedition to lost  Carcosa crashed into the seas off of Sicily. The last of the radioactive Nazi brain wizards  & their robotic minions had been defeated but the cost had been very high for our party of 'black guard' adventurers. The last of Hitler's clones had been destroyed on the sky island lair.
The artifacts recovered propelled the Earth from the 'Adventurous Sixties,' & 'Plastic Dash Seventies' into 'the Hard Core Eighties'!  Wizards were questioned, debriefed, & moved off to some remote island off the coast of Sicily. Thieves were cycled into the Cold war efforts & their contributions will be blogged about another time. Fighters were used in any number of cold war theaters & the world moved on. The very last of the old guard took very fat retirement packages. Some wrote Christmas cards to the pagan clerics of alien gods who had found California to their liking. Their cults were growing by leaps & bounds.
But something was very,very, wrong. The Earth had opened a door unto an alien world back in the 50's & it was coming for them! The United States & Russia had gain the secrets to occult secrets, & alien energy weapons. They hid them behind the illusions of concrete vaults & beneath cinder block bunkers.

But it was far too late now for the grand children of the psi scouts of the Nineteen Fifty Seven mission sensed their coming first. It started with visions of nightmarish proportions across the world of alien rites & weird insanity inducing monstrosities! Kids & adults awoke across the planet screaming, insane, & worse changed!

Artwork used without permission for last night's actual play event!

Already  the United States Department of Energy, has activated its operation  'Project Doorway' occult mission back to Carcosa in its Montauk, New York and nearby Long Island locations. But it may be too late all ready! The Russians 'Delta Incident' less then twenty four hours ago has revealed that alien forces & a possible invasion are on their way. American & Russia military forces are forced to put aside their differences as an alien brain wizard appeared in the Grand View Mall in Virginia. The PC's mission? Recover the wizard, protect the civilians, & get out before the other forces show up!

Of course none of this went to plan as underdweller cultists showed up from another dimension! The on going fire fight caused missive collateral damage & the PC's wizard launched a lightning strike inside the mall! Then the underdweller's real mission was revealed to set up a dimensional warp device!  The PC's managed to stop the device but the collateral damage was vicious. The army had evacuated the civilians out of the mall before things got ugly.

Artwork used without permission 

In last night's game we had seven players, we used a combination of Apes Victorious, 
The following make up of players  & PC's:

Carl - 6th level wizard - Carlous Destine
Matt - 5th level fighter - Major Julian Rozenstein
Shelia - 4th level Carcosa mutant - Rubber Matty 
George -5th level psi scout - Eyes McGee 
Eric D - 4th level fighter - Rocky Plimton the third 
Ed - 6th level barbarian - The Masked Terror of Tejaudnia 
Bart - 5th level Carcosa black sorcerer - Mister Weevil

Note that none of these PC's have any background to them other then some of them being the kids of the previous player's PC's kids or grand kids.

We used Astonishing Swordmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition as the frame work system for last night's pickup game! I'm planning on dropping the players into Barrens of Carcosa soon as I can possibly next week!

Yes I'm planning on using Goblinoid Games  Realms of Crawling Chaos 
for filling in some of the artifacts & other weird devices! Will there be apes?! Next session there should be a competing party of ape adventurers from an alternative Earth!

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