Monday, July 2, 2018

The Peter Plastic Unit & Random Enocunter Tables For Your Old School Campaigns

Frequency: Rare 
Number Encountered:1 
Size: Small (12 inches high) 
Move: 60 foot walking,130 foot flight 
Armor Class : 5 
Hit Dice: 3 
Attacks : 1 
Damage: 3d8 Electrical 
Special Attacks: Minor  Eldritch Lighting, Spells 
Magical Resistance: Standard 
Lair Probability: 45 % 
Intelligence: Very
Treasure; Personal some minor gems, in lair money, gems,
coinage from black mail schemes  
Level: 5 
XP: 355 +3 
"Remember the fantastic with Peter Plastic"

      The jingle from the popular 2889 toy commercial by the Underwodd Educational Toys Corporation, one of the largest toy companies in the world. Peter Plastic is or was the latest in advanced robotic nano cybernetic life form technologies. Worked up with a complete unbreakable skeleton, advanced nano muscle system, complete nervous system and 312 miles carbon fiber neuro wires. Peter was created with a snap shot of a human child's mind but lacked the human soul. Developed by mechanical engineer and occult genius Eric Fenn. The power source for the Peter Plastic unit was lacking until a mystic storm animated the 12 inch tall menace. The dimensional occult power animated the doll like menace and the first one tricked Eric into creating another one of the pint sized horrors. There is speculation that the occult technological super science that went into Peter's design came from an other dimensional or occult source. Some speculation exists that these horrors are used by demonic or black magic cults as spies and saboteurs. Often times these cults become nothing more then pawns for their fiendish occult cybernetic creations.  Peter's share a limited collective cybernetic consciousness and are capable of learning up to third level black magick spells. They often have access to a demonic cult's library and will learn as much as permitted. 
   These horrors are capable of becoming lighter then air and have a flight class 'B' ability to move through the air.  Each one of these horrors is a gossip monger and uber creepy stalker and black mailer. They often attach themselves to a party of adventurers and through evil schemes and black mail will manipulate a party into doing the twisted little psychopathic unit's bidding involving murder and foul deeds.

 Each deed mounting in scope and corruption of the party of adventurers into the blackest of evil and horror. Each one of these foul fiends is capable of discharging an electrical shock capable of stunning a strong man easily or it is capable of hurling a miniature electrical bolt capable of doing 3d8 points of damage. They also have an ball lightning attack capable of melting steel cable but they are loath to use this attack and only do so as a last resort. They are capable of doing this magical electrical attack three times per day and it does 3d6 points of damage each time used.  These horrors feed upon electricity and can regenerate as a troll should they be struck by magical lightning or the like. Should they expend too much electrical energy they will be stunned for 1d30 rounds and very vulnerable but a little electricity will snap these horrors back to full hit dice. There are rumors of some of these horrors being able to feed on the bio electrical auras of people during certain circumstances. 
  Peter Plastics roam the wastelands of the world in search of gossip and amusement. Sometimes they have been found as the heads of assassin guilds, thieves guilds, and other corrupted organizations pulling the strings of such operations through proxy heads. Or other dupes that they set up as false heads and targets to be taken down only to reform such organizations. Murder, mayhem, and utter contempt for human life marks these evil cybernetic horrors. 
1d10 Random Encounters Table For The Peter Plastic Unit
  1. A group of 1d6 wasteland wanders (2nd level fighters) are transporting a wounded Peter Plastic unit (half hit points) with religious awe. The thing can and will attack trying to goat a wizard into using a lightning bolt on it. It will rob & be little anyone it comes across.
  2. An angry cleric gestures & prays  to the air about his 'little saint; wondering why he's been forsaken. The truth is worse, a Peter Plastic unit has murdered his family & is now closing in on the good cleric. After any combat a group of 1d4 clerics will come out of hiding to take their brother back home & tend to his lunacy. 
  3. 1d6 1st level bandits attacks & tries to rob the PC's; they are frightened & very terrified. They have come under the sway of a Peter Plastic unit who killed half of the bandits & sucked the soul dry from their former leader. It is now amusing itself with the humans terror & antics. 
  4. A strange hermit wanders across PC's path giving away 1d20 gold pieces. Hidden under her robes is a Peter Plastic unit directing her to give away the former royal's wealth one gold piece at a time. The thing tortures her with its sarcastic acid wit while feeding on her aura. She will reward anyone who frees her from the damned thing's influence.
  5. A group of bandits approach the PC's looking for an expert who can help them. They need someone to fix their leader. The Peter Plastic unit ran afoul of a far more dangerous villain and anyone foolish enough to help them will era the wraith of an 8th level black wizard. 
  6. A group of villagers gathers near a well listen while a minor 'holy spirit' directs them to a cache of treasure. The spirit is leading them to bunch of cursed minor relics of the blackest magic. This Peter Plastic unit gets its fill of fear, pain, & agony of the human spirit. It will attack anyone wrecking its 'fun'. 
  7. The little saint presents itself along any path or road side as a friendly spiritual companion to help those it encounters. It will for 1d6 days before turning & murdering the party. 
  8. A wizard & his entourage of 1d10 NPC's winds its way past the PCs. Suddenly the wizard's 'familiar' busts forth. Something or someone in the party has attracted the little evil thing's attention. 
  9. 1d10 corpses rise out of the ground to attack the party. These things are not actually undead but the victims of the latest ambush by a Peter Plastic unit. He is animating the dead for his amusement. Any attacks will be met by giggles & sarcastic insults of the lowest order. 
  10. Your party finds a Peter Plastic unit torturing some small animals & laughing like a maniac. Its begins trying to goat the PC's into attacking it. What is its evil plan? Well, only the dungeon master knows.

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