Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tegel Manor Bound - Meeting & Actual Play Event Plus More Tegel Free Resources

"The PC's are on their way as the dead stars of a million planes wheel overhead. The land around them is unreal & seems to change with each foot fall as they approach the village. The pit of their stomachs aches with stepping foot back into that Fey village again. Will the inhabitants remember them?!
Is there now a murderer among them & are there other factions among the populace of the village outside Tegel Manor?? "

I've talked about the PC's ties to the temple of Thor last blog entry but tonight their going to make their way back to their old haunts in the village proper. For the village another night wheeling under alien skies & stars but life goes on unabated.
I've been doing more research on Dragon's & came across this project on the forums that seems to have gone no where. But there are some very interesting tid bits here. I'm keeping the later Roman era empire feel of both the village & the manor itself though. Some really quick notes & I might be ready to go for tonight's game. 

The trick here is balancing the Sword & Sorcery themes of AS&SH with the Gothic monsters & what not of Tegel Manor. But here's the thing that's not actually my job, its up to the players how those are all going to work out at the table. My descriptions will fill in the details but they'll be pulling all of it together. There's another great thread on Dragon's that goes into the differences between the Game Science version of Tegel Manor & the Judge's Guild this helps to clarify things a bit.

However I will be sticking with the Seventies version of Tegel because its easier to customize & run for me as a dungeon master. This means that I can help to adapt the adventure on the fly as necessary. One of the other pieces of interesting research I came across was on the site, The Hyborian Age Setting for AD&D 1st Edition: Notes about using first edition AD&D for sword and sorcery adventures. By Antonio Eleuteri. Not only is this right up my alley but could be used for running this module through the Hyborian Age of Conan as well. Is it a possible destination for the manor?! Possibly but occasional my players read this blog so who knows!?

One of the things that I can tell you that has been very inspirational is one of the pieces of artwork that was recently put up on one of the updates for the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition adventure kickstarter for Beasts & Cannibals
Kraggoth Manor adventure.
I spied this piece of artwork very early in the kickstarter announcements & it was inspirational for me torturing my pl erm choosing to run Tegel Manor from Judge's Guild. I loved the idea of beautiful manor house out in the middle of the wasteland. And while this is wonderful idea I wanted something a bit different & a bit more classic D&D era.

I wanted a haunted manor from another time & space  instead of the ruins in this great piece of artwork for Kraggoth Manor. I'm sure this adventure is going to be up to the high standards of North Wind Adventures.
Tegel Manor by Judge's Guild has a whole cloth different aesthetic from the feel of AS&SH but it works so well with it on many levels.

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