Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tegel Manor A Mid Summer & Fall Campaign Meeting & Actual Play Event

"Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on the seacoast, is rumored to be left over from ancient days when a charm was placed over it protecting it from most of the ravages of time and human occupation. The hereditary owners, whose family name is Rump, have been amiss in their traditional duty of providing protection for the market village to the west. Some have said that this failing and their bizarre eccentricities have led to their corruption. Many have found the manor and area to be a dangerous place to visit!"

So the other night I had a Mid Summer or early Fall campaign meeting with my players. Its been a long & twisting road of campaign play to line my players back to the twisting & winding path back to Tegel manor. But back they are! Just as the manor is getting ready to shift planes across time & space now!

The temple of Thor has ties to the PC's already(as long as their bri em given a generous donation) with the party having beat into sub erm made a peace treaty with the cult of Toad god.The party's  wizard notices that many of the features of the manor have a  distinctly fuzziness to them ( a result of the supernatural &  other dimensional energies of the place).  This really starts to worry him. Will the PC's make it to the manor & the village in time before the next 'crossing'?  Whose in command of the late era Roman soldiers on the road to the village?!

So now I'm going over my notes from last year about the inner workings of the Tegel manor & rereading the The Babylon Broadsheet blog's piece on "Knole House in Sevenoaks, Kent, England. The January/February 2016 issue of Archaeology Magazine has a feature article on Knole House, and describes it as “one of the five largest houses in England”. The house itself “occupies four acres, surrounded by 26 acres of gardens and fields, and another thousand that make up a medieval deer park.”"  This place is my inspiration for Tegel Manor & the Rump line  within my home campaigns.
Knole House is part of the National Trust of England & a visit to their website is not only informative but highly inspirational. It dovetails in with the Three Dee Romansque thread about the manor on the OD&D forums. 
Dragon's has the  Tegel Manor 1977 or 1989? thread with some really good opinions & in game byplay comments for those wanting to run the adventure.

I've also been quietly going over the reference material from Wayne's Books on Judge's Guild product & I've have come to the conclusion of perhaps expanding the material of Tegel with JG's other haunted house adventure The House on Hang Man's Hill. There's already adventure threads that can easily tie into Tegel manor's dark mystery shrouded past within The House on Hang Man's Hill.

So I'm set up a mega Gothic/ Sword & Sorcery /Clark Ashton Smith mini plane domain setting for my campaigns based partly on the JG product & a lot on my twisted writings over the years. We've had scores of player's PC's die off this past year & the players keep coming back for more. I think that there are a lot of reasons for this expansion to work;
  1. There are lot of loose threads that need to be resolved & expanded upon with my home campaigns. 
  2. Tegel manor needs more of its due from my players & there's a pile of rooms & subplots that they've created during play. 
  3. There are a variety of factions that are looking to exploit the party erm the manor. 
  4. A variety of undead NPC's have been on the PC's trail for months now.
  5. The manor is going to take months & the sub dungeons will take even longer to play through.
  6. The mind flayer brain under glass is actually a major NPC villain but none of the players actually know this. This will be expanded upon with links to The House on Hang Man's Hill

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