Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lost In The Eighties! OSR Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Workshop Session II Giant Monster Boogaloo

So with the latest Godzilla: King of The Monsters trailer drop the other day from Comic Con I've had to content with players talking non stop about Kaiju or 'titans' last night. Sure what a problem?! But is it really one?Well no not really at all. I've  got my  Lost In The Eighties! OSR  Carcosa game already in play.

The fact is that I can use a combination of Mutant Future /Gamma World forth edition to enhance as well as  weaponize my version of Carcosa. Bill of Green Skeleton Gaming Guild did a post on the Gamma Knights supplement today. Bill is a bit late to the party I'm afraid. The Mutant Future wiki has had this whole bit with personal power armor covered since '09.

In fact the Mutant Future Wiki has a whole cloth  rundown of differences between Gamma World & Mutant Future's mutations as well as editions.

Since the early Thirties during the 'Prenatural Wars' Earth has been coping with giant killer monsters used as WMD's. The Allied Encased military units have been coping with these menaces from beyond forever. Some doors however shouldn't be opened & now things are going to be coming through those gates from beyond. All of the heavy lifting has been done for me to simulate the various mutant & Kaiju menaces for me by the D-Infinity crew.


 And while everyone on G+ goes about their various in fighting over the usual OSR subjects I've been figuring out how to simulate the giant scale of these monsters without breaking the bank. The way is to go smaller actually. I'm going to be using the 15 MM scale minis & there are a ton of them from Khurasan Miniatures.

Now that the
United States Department of Energy, has activated its operation  'Project Doorway' occult mission back to Carcosa in its Montauk, New York and nearby Long Island locations will 'encased military assets be moved into certain key areas of New England?

There are in fact three very dangerous giant monsters in Mutant Future & Gamma World forth edition to really get things moving. The komodo is a giant mutant lizard with a boat load of mutations that can cause even experienced Gamma adventurers nightmares.

Not to mention the radiation dragons from Mutant Future, radioactive intelligent dragons with all of their own agendas. Then there's the usual Fifties nightmare fuel giant monsters that can have mutations added for extra effectiveness & death.

During las night's game the PC's came face to face with the Castle gang a group of ape criminals & thieves who were pillaging a museum of art work. The adventurers learned first hand why its never a good idea to play around with monkeys with increased intelligence & energy projecting powers! The monkeys got away making the PC's looking like a bunch of monkey's uncles!

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