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1d6 Random Low Level Occult Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

"There are places where adventure has settled in like the cloak of a crow's wings on a Winter's day. Corruption & degeneration have come home to roust with the greed & misfortune of any who cross these places path in the offering.  These places  have become lairs of evil where misdeeds have lain treasure on the very doorstep of places where once the sun shined. Can your adventurers help to clear the evil from these adventure locations?! "

"Slowly he rose, mechanically wiping his hands upon his cloak. A dark scowl had settled on his somber brow. Yet he made no wild, reckless vow, swore no oath by saints or devils.
"Men shall die for this," he said coldly."

Robert E. Howard
"Red Shadows" (1928)

Every old school dungeons & dragons & OSR game adventure needs its side quests & smaller level adventures. I've come up with six adventure locations based around an upcoming campaign arch I'm currently working on. So here in are six random low level occult adventure locations to throw at your players.

1d6 Random Low Level Occult
Adventure  Locations Table 

  1. A former shrine of Hecate now inhabited by 1d10 free willed & intelligent skeletons who are robbing & murdering travelers on the local roads. They have amassed a 60 gold piece haul & 200 gold pieces worth of trade goods from local merchants. The undead are willing to trade wine, chocolate, & other delicacies for a map of a local dungeon they have found. The local priestess of Hecate would like to get the skeletons back under her local cult's control or too destroy them. She offers a 20 gold piece reward. 
  2. There is a flock of 1d6 harpies that has taken up residence in a former lair of a green dragon. They have been attracted by the scent of death left in the wake of the dragon & her former victims. The harpies have been feeding on adventurers who haven't heard the dragon is long dead. These monsters have three magic items & a small portion of the former dragon's treasure. There are 300 silver pieces worth of jewelry in a collapsed part of the shallow cavern lair. There is also a spell book of a wizard devotee of the god Zeus. The spells are special because of a page from the god's scroll of power & the flock feels its power coursing through the place. 
  3. 1d6 mummies have been unearth due to a recent Earth quake & now their antechamber has been exposed after centuries of sleep. They roam about the countryside at night seeking a discipline   of Horus to put them back into eternal rest. They are willing to parley & speak to a priest or wizard about their situation. If attacked they will spread mummy rot as an air borne plague across the local region with a twenty mile radius. There are extensive treasures that they are willing to trade for. 
  4. A single sink hole in the ground has uncovered a powerful dungeon location & now its influence is spreading. 1d8 giant flies  & weird terrors are spreading out from the dungeon bring with them sleeping sickness & alien fungal horror. There are 1d6 pieces of golden treasure laying about but anyone touching them will contract russet mold or green slime. Limbs will wither & other horror will spread as treasures seekers come for the relics of the place. 
  5. An Elven tomb location has been found & several lost treasures have been found. The local Elven warriors are on a blood feud & are summoning several major monsters from beyond. These include several Earth Elemental beings. If the treasures are returned to the tomb then Elves will call off any attacks. 
  6. An ancient ley line nexus has been breached & now a gang of 1d8 gargoyles is on the rampage! They are after an ancient silver cross that can banish their demonic necrotic master. This undead thing wishes to come back & reestablish his cult but for the moment only his gargoyle henchmen are on the prowl. The murder anyone they come across in the hopes of summoning his spirit from beyond the grave but this hasn't worked yet. Local villagers want to hire adventurers to rid them of the things.

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