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1d8 Random Low Level Sword & Sorcery Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Treasures are uncovered after being lost to time in word, thought, & crime. These baubles cross the path of destiny into the hands of adventurers. These treasures & relics of the wasteland carry their own special brand of weirdness & strangeness for those whose path they cross. Not all the circumstances that they bring are good nor kind.

I carved a woman out of marble when
The walls of Athens echoed to my fame,
And in the myrtle crown was shrined my name.
I wrought with skill beyond all mortal ken.
And into cold inhuman beauty then
I breathed a touch of white and living flame --
And from her pedestal she rose and came
To snare the souls and rend the hearts of men.

Without a soul, without a human heart
She shattered mortal love and mortal pride
And even I fell victim to my art,
With bitter joyless love I took my bride.
And still with frozen hate that never dies
She sits and stares at me with icy eyes.
Flaming Marble  (1929)
by Robert Ervin Howard

Found in ruins & dungeons these treasures from  another age are often valued by those monsters & creatures. Even inhuman minds  recognize the value that humans place upon these things. Relics carry their own sickness & condition those who seek tombs & ruins can often come down with the psychological condition know as relic sickness. Unless a save vs disease is made should the adventurer gain more then 700 gold pieces worth of material they may catch  relic sickness. They will become obsessed by the treasures of ancient days & will become irritable,very agitated when not on the hunt for more treasure. This can lead to an increasing paranoia & perhaps even murderous intentions to fellow adventurers. Should they not be exploring a ruin or wasteland location they may become murderous & exhibit behavior that mirrors someone who has been drinking to excess. Should the adventurer find more then two thousand gold pieces they may break off from the party convinced that 'someone is trying to steal their treasure. Only a 'remove curse' spell will banish this semi magical 'disease of the mind' away from the PC. Should the disease progress for more then seventy two hours the PC may become obsessed to the point where their own natural occult spiritual resistance is drained. They are then an easy target for a low level demon or hunger spirit of the worst type. In the end the PC may be converted into a low grade wight. An undead of the lowest common denominator still obsessed with treasure & valuables.

1d8 Random Low Level Sword & Sorcery Treasures Table

  1. A series of small two inch blue jade protection gods worth 30 gold pieces each and enable the owner to communicate with dead . These pieces worth can vary depending on owner.
  2. A +0 short sword that once supposedly belonged to an angel of Hecate. The blade hilt  is strangely encrusted with moon stones & the whole sword is  worth 100 gold pieces but there is scroll of protection hidden in a secret catch in the hilt. 
  3. An amulet of strange oily gems with a frame work of copper. The amulet when held up to a distant candle flame is able to see the aura of anyone who stands within a 6 foot radius of the user. They are able to see any invasive spiritual entities such as demons or astral parasites. Worth only fifty gold pieces because of the amulet's mixed reputation among certain occult collectors.
  4. A wand of glass & brass that enables the owner to create magical barrier five foot square around the owner. The barrier will not allow any unnatural creatures to pass into it. The whole effect acts like a protection from evil spell and is worth 80 gold pieces because the activation word has been lost. Only a quest taking twelve days will allow the word for activation to be discovered. 
  5. A five foot circle ring of white gold that allows the owner to protect any object secreted within from the elements & time. Anyone putting an appendage into this circle when the effect is operation takes 1d10 years worth of aging damage as the 'supertime' effect damages tissue. The ring is always active & so only worth 100 gold pieces. 
  6. A small casket of marble carved into the likeness of seven death goddesses. This device enables the preservation of flesh for eternity when one places something within its confines. The small two foot long by one foot wide box of stone has a reputation among collectors and so is worth only 74 gold pieces. There have been literally thousands found across the planes. 
  7. A ram's head made out of gold that holds the secrets for creating ancient gateways & keys to the realm of demons. The ram's head symbolizes Orcus the demon lord of undead who created this minor bauble only worth  40 gold pieces unless your a necromancer.
  8. A dagger of pure alibastor  that enables a wizard to stab someone's shadow & the dagger will act like a 'hold person' spell unless they save vs spells. Then the dagger can cut away pieces of the target's soul. Madness will follow in 1d8 hours.

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