Friday, April 29, 2022

Parley Around The Table - Session Report Two - Stars Without Numbers Revised/Cepheus Engine rpg Hybrid Campaign

Alright so let's dive back into the deep end of hyperspace for a moment. We'll pick this blog post up right from here.  Why? Because back when we were running Stars Without Number rpg one of our player's PC's sacrificed himself to save the rest of the player's PC's from a hyperspace beast. He was sucked into hyperspace & never seen again. Robert's character has been trapped in hyperspace since 2014 in our current Cepheus Engine/Stars Without Numbers Revised rpg campaign. Will Robert comeback? Shrug, I don't know but his PC's spectre has been casting a huge shadow across the current campaign. His PC is currently trapped in a hyperspacial corridor around a gas giant out in the outer edge of the galaxy. So for the moment Franklin is sitting on the shelf literally. 

The Fall of Man set mankind back to pre FTL but the climb back has been leaps & bounds. Are there aliens?! Yes & no, mostly these are pre & post mankind having been modified into client races. And this brings up the fact that the PC's have had to fallback onto their mega-corpation patrons from last year. And so after selling one ship they've had to buy their own Harbinger, a multi-purpose freighter from their former patrons. The experience was ummm humbling to say the least. 

And the PC's are wondering if they could pull a miracle out of their collective rearends!
Now facing down  three Trent Class Apex destroyers  the players have decided to parley. And surprisingly the destroyer captains said yes. 

The captains were more then happy to parley & wondering who the Hell was poking around this God forsaken outpost. They were wondering if the players were pirates and since their letters of commerence were in order. The explained about professor Franklin being stuck in hyperspace and all three captains laughed because of the amount of radiation that was bombarding the hyperspace gate point. 
So instead the captains cut a deal with the players PC's to take valuable mining equipment from Apex's gas giant mining operation to one of their other colony holdings! From possible fight to charter in the flip of the dice. Apex literally gassed up the PC's ship & they've asked the New England Boi's to meet them at the colony using a hyperspace skiff. 

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