Friday, April 8, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On Hell Night Hijinks By Super Savage Systems For The Neon Lords of The Toxic Wastelands Rpg

"For one night a year the veil between terra-realm and the terror-realm is so thin that all hell breaks loose. When tricks and treats fill the streets of all the humanoid sectors and all the unspeakable horrors wreak havoc. Within this unholy tome you will find all the stuff needed to run the most spookiest night on neo-terraxx."

"From all the treats to scarf down to the baddies from terror-realm that will scare your socks off!! Included is:

  • The adventure “Detroit-Prime Up All Night”

  • Rules on how to Trick and Treat

  • Hell Night fantastical items and treats as well as mundane treats

  • Hell Night Masks to wear while Trick and Treating!

  • A few additional monsters to add to the holiday fun!"

Hell Night Hijinks By Super Savage Systems For The Neon Lords of The Toxic Wastelands  Rpg is a twenty page Halloween themed Eighties Romp of an OSR adventure in which your PC's come face to face with some of the worst horrors that Neo Traxx has to offer. And its all right in the adventure's opening; "During the time of the Flesh-Gods in the time of the Neon Wars a scientist unearthed a very unholy tome in an archaeological dig. The magic thought to be lost in the sands of time was re-awoken giving the scientist power beyond his wildest imagination. On a day they called Hollow-weens the mad scientist opened a portal to the Terror-Realm causing a rip in the space time fabric causing the portal to open on the same day every year until the end of time itself. Some think the mad scientist survived the portal opening and thrived in the Terror-realm ultimately becoming the scourge of Neo-Terraxx himself. The techno-lich TerrorRex, but that is a story for another time. Now as means to appease the monsters that come through the veil, the humanoid sectors partake in customs and practices they think the Flesh-Gods used to keep the nightmares at bay. This includes Trick and Treating, where humanoids dress up go door to door looking for trouble and get fed massive amounts of sugar and energy drinks. Chronosages do their best to figure out what they see with the sacred smoke, but a lot of times they have no clue what the Flesh-Gods were up to"

Hell Night Hijinks takes place in Detroit Prime & the adventure reads like one part 90's Judge Dread mixed with Nuke Em High swirled in with a heaping helping of Eighties horror films. The Pc's are going to get thrown into the deep end of  Hell Night Hijinks.  The real question is will they survive? And Hell Night Hijinks takes a deep whiff of the systems that were laid down in Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands. And Hell Night Hijinks as a beginning adventure for Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands rpg! 
We get some really nasty pop culture themed encounters & then double down on those. And while Hell Night Hijinks takes its ques from Neon Lords then enough to keep the players coming back for more!
If your going run Hell Night Hijinks then you going to need equip your party with a Neon Lords Holy Smiter & a cosmic barbarian to help handle the Halloween load of critters. Hell Night Hijinks is part adventure event & dungeon crawl. And it take full advantage of the Neon Lords of The Toxic Wastelands rpg. 
Hell Night Hijinks is a great adventure to throw your player's PC's into the fray! 

Hell Night Hijinks By Super Savage Systems For The Neon Lords of The Toxic Wastelands  Rpg Is Available Here For Free 

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