Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Red Tide & Spears of the Stars - - Thoughts on Worlds Without Number, Spears of the Dawn, & Cepheus Engine rpg

 So once again we dive back into Worlds Without Number & Stars Without Number Revised but this time through the back door settings. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I take risks with players & campaigns. This blog post is going to continue right after here. Now over the past couple of years I've had Sine Nomine's Red Tide OSR rpg setting for  Labyrinth Lord sitting on my hard drive. Now doing some deep research by going through Dreams In The Lich House's review of Red Tide. Reading through Red Tide, Worlds Without Number, & Stars Without Numbers Revised, & the  Godbound Rpg  several questions started to race through my mind. One is the Red Tide setting actually one of Godbound's Celestial Engine universes where said Celestial Engine is breaking down?! Are the red tides actually Celestial Engine energies leaking into the setting & causing many of the mutations & horrors?! 

How does this relate to the Latter Earth of Worlds Without Number?! The islands of the red tide could well be isles with the Latter Earth that have vanished behind the horrors & energies of the red tide. And these observations could be true within my own campaign. 
And this got me thinking about Spears of the Dawn rpg which is an African-inspired game built on the Stars Without Number rpg engine. Spears of the Dawn could well be another continent setting for Worlds Without Number. The adventurers don't have to be colonists at all but adventurers stumbling into a Bronze age world that they have no idea about. These settings might not be easily reached because of the breakdown of the Celestial engines. 

What if parts of the gateways from Spears of the Dawn contect directly into the Million Stars Empire of Godstar?! And yet the technologically superior races of Godstar actually respect the technological drag of these Pan African cultures because of treaties that were created thousands of years go. And if we go back to 
 Sixteen Stars: Creating Places of Perilous Adventure. Then its easy to insert in deserted space ports, ruins of outposts, and more into Spears of the Dawn. What if only the best & brightest of Spears of the Dawn setting can serve aboard one of the ancient starships of the Godstar setting. Or captain one. 

Could there be far more going on with the Godstar then one might think?! Could the godstar actually be a divinity that escaped the events of the Godbound rpg and still retains its power?! 
Could the godstar's ancient knowledge extend over to the Nexus Gates of Arduin as well?! The mind boggles at the possibilities. Think about it an ancient and mysterious divinity that may know the old hyperspace routes through the back edges of the planes. 

So where does this leave the average instellar trader?! Here's the thing. There are treachous passages through the underbelly of the universe that extend across the planes. And there are aliens that know these ancient byways of hyperpsace. There are fortunes to be made & dungeons to explore but also some very dangerous things that lurk in the darkness. 

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