Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Into The Black Market & Playing Space Pirate - Session One Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number Revised rpg Game

 Coming into filling a DM whose passsed on's shoes isn't an easy thing. There are three things working in my favor, one the rpg campaign was transition from one dimension to another, the players have played old school Traveller in the past, & they all have experience with Dungeons & Dragons or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition in the past.  So the party is now dealing with the black market & their looking to sell some of their other worldly artifacts for a starship. We played on Sunday with the player's PC's milling around  the Frontier Trading Post where black market operations were held on a Sunday. So this blog entry is going to pick up right here from the other day. 

Over the weekend I slotted the players into Clement Sector's Skull & Crossbones'The Demon-class lembus and the Ironbard-class longship for a shake down course on these ships. The party were eagar to learn these starships as long as the crew weren't looking to kill them or anything. The space pirates weren't & were actually looking to the player's PC's as possible crew replacements. 

This shake down time for both ships took about ten days game time with accelerated training. Yes, the players know that their working for the black market in our campaign. But after talking with the Kingpin the player's PC's are back to their old profession, bounty & rival space pirate hunting. And this picks up with Stellagamma Publishing's Piracy & Privateering pdf is going to come in very handy. 

The party has been hired by a corporate interest through a third party to recover a planetary retreat from a space pirate whose laid claim to it. The party is not to damage the property if possible or keep it to a minimuim of property damage. The property in question hasn't been occupied in centuries but has been maintained by cybernetic systems. Because of this, a band of space pirates claimed squater's rights on the property over the past three months. The owners 'The Flint Corporation' are very eager to get their coprorate retreat & outpost back. Their hackers have been able to get the pass codes for the cybernetic units that maintain & control the planetary property. The player's PC's are to be paid 400,000 credits for the job. 

The players are to recover several very valuable cybernetic android units from the property that hold great centimental value to the head of the corporation. They can expect possible resistence due to the space pirates being lead by a so called black wizard. 

The property in question is protected by pre Fall of Mankind technologies again from Stars Without Numbers Relics of the Lost . And astute readers of this blog will recognize my homage to original Star Trek's 'Requiem for Methuselah' episode. Long time readers know that there's far more to this assignment then meets the eye. 

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