Sunday, February 13, 2022

'Phased Out In A Mid-Orbit Save' - Session Zero Session Report - Cepheus Engine & Stars Without Number Revised rpg Game

 So a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the position of inheriting a group of Palladium Fantasy & Rifts Phaseworld players whose DM had passed suddenly from a heart attack. They were between games & campaigns at this point. Before we go any further, I personally didn't know the DM but DM Steve asked me to step in. The PC's were demensionally gating to another destintation when something went wrong. Because we were already in the middle of Stars Without Number Revised with another group of players.  We converted the whole cloth characters over to SWN. 

The PC's starship is starting to break apart & the PC's have had to find an alien starport fast. Since this is the case & I didn't have a whole lot of time to play around. I used Starport by Joseph Mohr & got the player's PC's in the middle of a daring 'save' by the starport authorities. 

The starport authorities are making the PC's pay for the debris cleanup & mission with some of the 'alien artifacts' that they found. There were a few misunderstandings & comedic moments. And then there was the physical & medical exams. The authorities kept asking the PC's about some alien species called the Sirens? This was a theme that I brought home several times and not the fact that the PC's were from an entirely different universe. 
We were able to replicate a good chunk of the player's technologies from Relics of the Lost for Stars Without Numbers Revised. Two of the players that I've inherited are numbers & math guys so this wasn't as much of a problem as its been in the past.
The party was stuck around the starport for the first half of last night's game but things quickly acclerated from there.  

Between converting over currency & the PC's suddenly starting from the bottom rung of the starport laddar there was bit of a learning curve. So far we've got six players & I wanted to covert them over to Cepheus Engine but that was a bridge too far.. yet. The party was able to nail down a bit of bounty hunting around the starport on Hallock's world. And from this make enough to get out from under the starport's bills in short order. 
And to make contact with the black market through a rather shady Dralasite  trader named Mot the Hobbie. Mot had a starship & were more then willing to take the party to the Frontier Trading Post where black market operations were held on a Sunday. If the party were willing to do some jobs for him and a cut of 15% of the takes. 

Everything went rather well considering that more then half of this was pulled outta of my behind last minute. The whole came off without a hitch, the players seem damn nice but snow at the last minute put a damper on everything. We broke early & everyone made it home safe. 

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